Dmitry Krutalevich: “My work is 90% landscape and nature»

January 28, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

David's photos are fascinating. Sometimes I look at them, and do not believe that this is all real and not a dream of the artist, which he decided to transfer to the canvas. They combine the brightness of the sky, grass, water and sun, and at the same time, the softness of the colors. Feeling ...

Snezhana Morozova: “the Most important thing is not to stop»

January 26, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Hello everyone, today I have an interview with Snezhana Morozova, a beautiful girl photographer. Our friendship began 4 years ago, in the group Vkontakte (in the right column). Since then, continuing progress, Snezana grew up in a very professional and famous photographer in St. Petersburg. As a master wedding and model photography, it is a ...

Motorola Defy (2008)

December 24, 2017,   has blogged 3261  posts

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How to photograph a rainbow?

November 2, 2017,   has blogged 3261  posts

A rainbow is the sort of thing that causes children and adults to be distracted from their cases, and with delight, pointing, shouting: "Look! Rainbow!". But how to take a picture so that the photo show all the beauty and uniqueness of this wonderful natural phenomenon? In this article I give some simple and practical ...

Samsung E200

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How to photograph food

November 1, 2017,   has blogged 3261  posts

No self-respecting restaurant or cafe is not complete without professional photographs of their meals. Beautiful photos of food can be found in fashion magazines and culinary blogs. If you face such a problem, how to do it properly? Currently photographing food is a profitable business for all professional photographers. However, before you make on these ...

Postapocalyptic from Jason Sinn

October 23, 2017,   has blogged 3261  posts

The theme of postapokaliptiki back in fashion. New films are released, with crazy special effects, written books, and the Internet breed, the so-called "vigevanese" community. Our world is constantly in expectation of some catastrophe on a planetary scale. We were scared the Maya calendar and planet Nibiru, and now the newly "relevant," the Third World ...

Постапокалиптика от Джейсона Синна

October 22, 2017,   has blogged 3261  posts

Тема постапокалиптики снова в моде. Снимаются новые фильмы, с сумасшедшими спецэффектами, пишутся книги и в интернете плодятся, так называемые, «выживальческие» сообщества. Наш мир постоянно находится в ожидании какой-то катастрофы, планетарного масштаба. Нас пугали календарем Майа и планетой Нибиру, а сейчас вновь «актуальны» Третья Мировая Война и Йеллоустоун. Путешествуя по просторам всемирной паутины, наткнулся на постапокалиптические ...