Specifications Huawei Honor 10: a flagship smartphone in the glass

April 25, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Huawei has updated the model range of the series Honor, presenting a new flagship Honor 10. This is a fashion phone with a top filling, made in a stylish package. Unfortunately, the company is to provide full-screen design, display with cut-out "a La iPhone" and the rear panel, some versions of sparkling in the sun. ...

Specifications Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium flagship smartphone with a 4K screen

April 23, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Sony has expanded the range line Xperia XZ2 new premium model, XZ2 Premium. The smartphone was the first device of the Japanese manufacturer, equipped with dual camera. Like its predecessors, the device has got a very high resolution display diagonal of which became more. He received a classical 16:9 aspect ratio, whereas the XZ2 and ...

Honor 7A Pro: features of budget smartphone for the selfie lovers

April 20, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Huawei updates the model range of budget smartphones and on the Russian market smartphone Honor 7A Pro. The new device has a full screen design, a display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, selfie camera with flash and a thin metal case. Recommended price 7A Pro Honor in Russia is 8990 rubles, in Ukraine to ...

Huawei P20 – similar to Apple, but the original

April 5, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Huawei 27 Mar presented a new flagship line of smartphones, the basic device which has become Huawei P20. This unit has received a number of characteristic features, previously familiar from other well-known leaders, however, is original device. The device has inherited many features of its predecessor, but in terms of design was close to P10, ...

What is FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE, what’s the difference?

March 21, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Choosing a smartphone, many users do not pay attention to the specs of the modem. All modern devices support 2G GSM and 3G HSPA, and some CDMA. 4G LTE support is also present in most models. However, due to the fact that the networks of the fourth generation unfolded in the times when the most ...

Presentation of the Samsung S9 in Kiev. My experiences, priorities… who am I?

March 17, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

All the information about, how was the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in Ukraine you can see in the video below. And in this article I would like to talk about themselves, their thoughts and a little about the Samsung smartphones. I have to say that I am very pleased that visited the presentation ...

LG ThinQ V30S – slightly updated flagship with a focus on AI

March 14, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

LG decided not to hurry with the release of the new flagship of the G7, so 2018 at MWC, the Korean manufacturer has not brought anything revolutionary. But the exhibition Korean delegation has arrived not with empty hands, fresh new became V30S LG ThinQ. The smartphone is an improved version of the flagship autumn V30, ...

New products from Alcatel in 2018

March 13, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Brand Alcatel phones which were popular in ancient times, now owned by Chinese TCL, also known as a producer of televisions Thomson. Despite the fact that the former big names long gone, the brand is not forgotten, and the company regularly presents its new smartphones. The 2018 MWC in Barcelona the manufacturer has brought three ...

New Leagoo S9 is a budget smartphone with trendy design

March 10, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Chinese smartphone Leagoo showed at the MWC 2018 new budget smartphone Leagoo S9. Despite the name, the novelty is "double" not the new flagship of Samsung, and imitates the iPhone X. According to the Leagoo like design is chosen in order to draw attention to the smartphones of the company, as now, the small manufacturer ...

Xiaomi introduced the most affordable robot vacuum cleaner — Robot Xiaowa

March 9, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Xiaowa Robot is not the first robot vacuum cleaner, sold under the brand name Xiaomi. Already there are two models of this appliance, but both of them are quite expensive. Message Xiaomi introduced the most affordable robot vacuum cleaner — Robot Xiaowa appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Updated Nokia 6 (2018) are presented at MWC

March 7, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Company HMD, now produces smartphones under the Nokia brand, brought to the exhibition MWC 2018, the number of new products. In addition ultrabudgetary 1 Nokia and premium Nokia 8 Sirocco, the range was supplemented mid-range Nokia 6. The smartphone has a number of innovations in comparison with the model presented in the previous year. It ...

Ultrabudgetary new smartphone with replaceable Nokia 1 and Android Go Edition

March 6, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

The MWC HMD 2018, the company brought several new products under the Nokia brand, and one of them is Nokia 1. It ultrabudgetary smartphone compact size, different number of features, not typical for modern devices, but are important for some users. Price Nokia 1 is set at around $85, which is comparable with the price ...

Submitted 8 Nokia Sirocco: a premium smartphone with a hint of history

March 5, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

In 2006, the company Nokia, who was then the leading positions, introduced the premium Nokia 8800 Sirocco housing is made of stainless alloy. HMD engaged in the production of modern mobile devices under the Finnish brand seems to have decided to emphasize the historical continuity of the models. At the MWC 2018, the firm introduced ...

Expect 9 Global MIUI Beta based on Android Oreo for Xiaomi Mi Note 2

March 5, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Chinese industrial giant Saami famous not only for its high-quality digital devices, but regular updates are released for them. And now the company has confirmed its commitment to this The post Expect 9 Global MIUI Beta based on Android Oreo for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Meet Xiaomi Mi 2S MIX – now on video

March 5, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

MWC 2018, which fans the young, but successful Chinese companies have a lot pinned completed. The expected presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 2S MIX never Message Meet Xiaomi Mi 2S MIX – now on video appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

New products from ZTE: Blade and Blade V9 V9 Vita

March 4, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

At the end of February in Barcelona is traditionally held the MWC, and ZTE is brought to the event two new smartphone. They were Blade and Blade V9 V9 Vita, phones of the middle level, in full-screen format. They got a modern design and components of the budget average. The price of ZTE Blade V9 ...

Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi Mix 2 learned the unlocking face

March 4, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Chinese manufacturer Saami constantly working not only on new models of their smartphone, but also on improving existing ones. So the latest update of the original shell Message Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi Mix 2 learned to unlock the face appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Xiaomi has announced a 40-inch Full HD smart TV Mi TV 4A

March 4, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Xiaomi today announced the expansion of the TV series Mi 4A t has announced a new 40 inch model. She took an intermediate position between the models with diagonal Message Xiaomi has announced a 40-inch Full HD smart TV Mi TV 4A appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

New: Nokia 7 Plus – the first smartphone with a screen of the HMD 18:9

March 3, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

At the MWC 2018 in the exposure of Nokia came a few new smartphone models, among which and Nokia 7 Plus. Camera average level for the first time in the history of the brand received a full-screen design matrix 18:9. The positioning device is located on the border of top and medium class, the price ...

Photos Xiaomi Mi 2S MIX – the flagship appeared on the “live” picture

March 2, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Today, the network appeared "live" photos Xiaomi Mi 2S MIX, the date of the official presentation of which is scheduled for March 28. Rumors and leaks about it Message Photos Xiaomi Mi 2S MIX – the flagship appeared on the "live" photo appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Mouse is a smart mouse with a thumbprint scanner

March 2, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Today Xiaomi announced its new product – Smart Fingerprint Mouse. This computer is a wired mouse. It would seem that the unusual can be in the "mouse", but still Message Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Mouse is a smart mouse with a thumbprint scanner appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Released a global firmware MIUI Android 9.2.3 on the basis of 8.0 Oreo

March 1, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

In January, Xiaomi has provided users with the flagship Mi 6 "Bethke" Android 8.0. Today saw the light of the Global firmware MIUI Android 9.2.3 on the basis of 8.0 Oreo, The message Went global firmware MIUI Android 9.2.3 on the basis of 8.0 Oreo appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro will go from India to China in March

March 1, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

MWC is an excellent platform for all manufacturers, allowing to demonstrate their new products and thus attract users. Xiaomi, of course, took this opportunity and introduced Message Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro will go from India to China in March appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

How to charge the smartphone using the wireless charger

February 26, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

For a complete description of wireless charging of the smartphone, use the wireless charger. What have You heard about the wireless charging device and about the future of the smartphone with built-in The post How to charge your smartphone using a wireless charger appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

First review of the smartphone Xiaomi RedMi Note and RedMi Note 5 5 Pro

February 25, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

First review of the smartphone Xiaomi RedMi Note and RedMi Note 5 5 Pro, the Chinese company Xiaomi finally officially introduced to the Russian public, first review of the smartphone Xiaomi The post First review for smartphone Xiaomi RedMi Note and RedMi Note 5 5 Pro appeared first on Xiaomi News. Original Article

Sony Xperia L2 – simple smartphone for fans of the company

February 18, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

The company Sony in the mobile market are not going to say excellent, but its small audience, the Japanese manufacturer holds. The main focus of the firm makes on devices of the middle class and the flagship, equipped with good cameras, but occasionally tries to show something in the budget niche. Another inexpensive new Sony ...

Huawei brings AR and face recognition in the update for Nova 2i

February 16, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Major Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei announces update to mobile Nova 2i that extend its functionality. In the new firmware the device will get the support unlock using person and also complex options augmented reality images of selfies with effects AR to the front of the camera. Huawei Nova 2i introduced in October 2017, and in ...

Best smartphones for all the characteristics of 2017, not counting the price

February 15, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Smartphone manufacturers compete among themselves, striving to equip their flagship with the best hardware to outperform the competition. But the situation on the market is that the produce of the top components for electronics has the capability of a limited number of firms. Smartphone manufacturers with full production cycle, can be counted on the fingers ...

Actual characteristics of smartphones in 2018

February 9, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Accessories for smartphones constantly improving, new technologies become more accessible, and because the characteristics of mobile devices is getting more and more perfect. The fact that a couple of years ago, it was an attribute of leaders, becomes a mass memory sizes are constantly increasing, and processors become faster. But the rapid progression and lack. ...

What is 18 to 9 in the display of the smartphone

February 8, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

A tendency to reduce the thickness of the frame around the screen made smartphone manufacturers go for experiments. The unwritten industry standard continues to be the screen aspect ratio of 16 by 9 (these are the proportions of most of the content). But smartphones with such screens lacking a traditional wide frame at the top, ...

Good virtual reality glasses for smart phone: 5 interesting models

February 4, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

Virtual reality glasses for smart phones have less functionality than their counterparts for PC and consoles, but they are flexible and compatible with most mobile devices. As only a few smartphones able to display the picture wire through the MHL Protocol, a virtual reality glasses are passive devices, a lens system which converts the image ...

The wireless charging Skyway Energy Fast and Flash

January 31, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

The Russian company Skyway sells under its own brand receivers for TV, but in its range there are a couple of wireless chargers for smartphones. This dock Energy Fast and Flash working on the standard Qi. They differ in design and speed. As the name implies, Fast Energy supports faster charging due to the increased ...

Meizu M6s: the first smartphone with a screen 18:9

January 30, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

In 2017 many of the smartphone manufacturers introduced their flagship smartphone in full screen design. Meizu just stayed away: it Pro top 7 got the second screen in the back, but the main display it normal. Progress in a new niche, the Chinese company decided to start with the budget segment, showing in January 2018 ...

New Huawei Smart P: the same Enjoy 7S, but for Europe

January 29, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

At the end of 2017, the company Huawei introduced in China smartphone Enjoy 7S, category full-screen devices average. At the beginning of 2018 the unit reached Europe where it appeared in stores under the name of Huawei P Smart. The price of the device for China ranged from $ 225 for the EU – 250 ...

Review of ultrabudgetary Bluboo D2

January 27, 2018,   has blogged 3261  posts

By the end of 2017, the Chinese company Bluboo introduced to the market your ultrabudgetary smartphone D2. I can confidently say that it is, despite its low cost, works as it should. He doesn't have any specifics in terms of hardware, and this is not the case, where for little money you get something more. ...