Wash net curtains and air curtains

Home All topics wash net curtains and air curtains, wash net curtains and air zanavesok bookmark 1 Often modern Housewives are facing household troubles associated with the change of white color tulle fabric loses its original color, an unpleasant yellow. Curtains are becoming "historical" look and a dirty-brown hue. Wash in machine with ordinary powder does not always lead to positive results.

For a long time the hostess gathered a few tips that will help to return the lace curtains, the old fresh and white.

The first stage is soaking. Great importance here is the water temperature – it should be barely warm – about 35 degrees. The temperature increase leads to the destruction of the structure of the fabric and the color change. In a solution must add up to a pound of salt. Soaking time is a half hour. Then the curtains should be rinsed in cool water. This step is necessary for removing stains.

Washing lace curtains is recommended with synthetics. Pressing the curtains should not let the water calmly draining.

To regain its former luster will help to rinse in vinegar solution. The proportion of 1 tablespoon to one litre of water.

To give lace curtains white shade add water to rinse a few drops of liquid blue.

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