Tips for a good night’s sleep and morning cheerfulness

Home All topics Tips for a good night's sleep and a morning of vitality Tips for a good night's sleep and a morning bodrosti bookmarks 3 If you sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep and how to sleep, you are doing something wrong. To have good sleep and Wake up in a good mood, should pay attention to some important things. These tips will help you not only sleep well, but feel a cheerful person the next morning.

1. Stop using the phone before bed

Don't need the evening before bedtime to chat online with friends and surfing in the social networks, because at this time your brain produces melatonin – the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms. The light from the screen of your smartphone and monitor reduces the production of the hormone, and it is difficult to sleep.

2. Sleep in complete darkness

Some easier to fall asleep in a not very dark room, while others like to Wake up with the sun shining in the window. But for a good and efficient awakening is to sleep in the dark, and waking up in the morning, opening the curtains or blinds to sunlight abruptly broke into the house. Thus, you are much faster cheer up.

3. Before bedtime take a hot bath

Usually in the evening, our body temperature will drop slightly because of what we like to sleep. If you take a hot bath, your body temperature will change. Due to the change in body temperature, you will want to go to bed early. Besides, a hot bath helps to relax and calm down.

4. Unplug heaters

Of course, we all want to sleep in a warm room and leave the heater on all night or all night. It is more about the times when winter has not yet come, but the summer is over. The ideal temperature for sleep is between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius. Maybe that's why you can't sleep.

5. Wear socks

Before your body completely shuts down, it will direct the flow of blood in your hands and feet. But if your feet are warm, blood vessels dilate, body temperature to fall slightly, and you quickly fall asleep.

6. Fill yourself with energy

Try to Wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual to get from the sun is a little warm and bright light. If the weather is cloudy, it just fill the room with light: turn on your room light or open the curtains. The brightness will keep you alert and your mood will improve.

7. It would be useful to do morning exercises

Physical activity not only helps to Wake your body and improve your mood and charge you with energy for the whole day. It's worth waking up a little earlier to have time to practice at least 5 minutes.

8. Exercise during the day

Daily physical exercise at the same time also improve your sleep. Your body will learn when to expend energy and when to disconnect and relax.

9. Hard work, good sleep

If you are actively working and engaged in physical activity, your body will not only look better but you will fall asleep easier. Much nicer to go to bed after a hard day and a grueling workout.

10. Early Breakfast

Good hearty Breakfast wakes you and your metabolism. It gives enough power for effective work. Try to Wake up and have Breakfast at the same time. It will also help you avoid excess weight.

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