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In difficult cases, psychological tricks and NLP tricks rarely work. Populists suggest to exaggerate aggressive behavior. But it will only worsen the situation. Let you are stronger than the enemy – subconsciously, he mobilizes all his strength, away your victory and forcing you to spend more resources.

All this on my own experience, one of the leading negotiators with the FBI, Chris Voss. He saved many hostages in the most trivial circumstances. At the same time they had developed their own method of achieving success regardless of the situation. If you use some kind of tactics the FBI exposes fools the most experienced terrorists, it certainly can be successfully applied in the simpler cases.

Interest to detail

Your opponent probably has their reasons for the dispute. Try to reveal them. In them may be hiding a strong lever of influence that can turn the situation around. Don't know why the source is so strongly resisting your ideas?

Give a few leading questions. Listen to the answers with great attention. The most important deal may fail due to unrealistic deadlines? Don't be afraid to inquire. And suddenly the partner is important to put the bullet in before the holiday or an event... knowing all the details and analyzing them intelligently, you will choose the best solution.

Who is aggressive?

Not always the victory is to those who are unable to strike. To insist on his own in a conversation is much easier, without being fanatical integrity, aggressiveness. Just imagine what your interlocutor voiced his own position dogmatically and rigidly. This can be done so that further conversation will become meaningless. Someone may like when you are forced to bend?... on a subconscious level the first reaction in this case – protection from aggression. Success then is unlikely to be achievable.

Serious negotiations should start otherwise. Showcase your friendliness, willingness to seek not his own victory, and a mutually beneficial agreement. This tactic not merely will give you obvious benefits. It's great you disguise, allowing to take the most important position "without blood".

Apparent control

Give your opponent the illusion of complete control. This is a guarantee of success of the negotiations. Don't spend your own resources on forcing the interlocutor to the recognition of your innocence. Shoot the lot of leading questions that start with "why" or "how." The opponent will have to expend a lot of energy on the selection completely useless answer. When you go into a key resistance, it will no longer have the strength to fight back.


Tactical empathy is very important. Show the source, not just see, but also share all the subtleties of his situation. Make the opponent believe you are aiming not to win, you just want to help him in a difficult situation.

Each mirror

You can also mirror the words of your opponent. So quickly just to make contact, to force the interlocutor to feel safe, without fear of disclosure itself. Can be repeated in spoken source phrases every third word, slightly overstating the tone, giving it a interrogative tone.

Voice make low enough, not aggressive and not causing. This will show your willingness absolutely to understand the interlocutor, put yourself in his place. As a result, he will feel that you are an ally, not a rival. And this you can easily use it.

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