How to make delicious coffee at home

Main All themes How to make delicious coffee at home How to cook delicious coffee Domov bookmarks 10 Nice pass welcoming host and hear rave reviews about the delicious cooked dishes. But it has long been observed that for some reason, nothing so flatters the ego of the host, such as praise for perfectly prepared coffee. And it really is not for everyone.

So how to make tasty coffee?

Required to comply with certain conditions in the preparation of this drink:

  1. Best dishes at brewed real coffee – Turk with a narrowed neck. The intimacy of that part of the pot volume, where the product during cooking, gives it a special rich flavor that is retained during cooking and does not escape freely.

  2. Making coffee in the Turk does not tolerate the hustle and bustle, be prepared to spend at this action time.

  3. The best coffee is brewed from beans ground just before cooking, grind selected depending on the desired taste. A real foodie knows the difference in the taste of the drink made from coarsely ground and finely ground coffee beans.

  4. For making great coffee, you should only use purified, filtered water in any case not from the tap.

5. During the coffee brewing in coffee pot should not bring the process to a boil. Once the foam is formed crust and begins to rise to the neck of the Turks, it is necessary to remove the dishes from heat, allow crust to settle down and again put on fire. To do so several times. The integrity of the crust helps to keep all the flavor of coffee, not releasing it "on par".

  1. If you like the frills, add the prepared drink quite a bit of ginger, a few crystals of salt. This will enhance the flavor of the coffee, giving it exotic.

  2. Pour into coffee cups should after a few moments he settles.

  3. Sugar is better to offer to put in a full Cup yourself.

Treat your guests real coffee and get well-deserved praise.

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