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In the case when You have a surplus of fresh milk, it is not necessary to wait until the sour — freeze it. This takes only fresh milk, which is first poured into a clean container. If the milk in its original package, open it and pour a small amount of milk. The milk in this case, it is not stored for more than 6 weeks.

Lettuce should be wrapped in paper.

Wilt fresh lettuce very quickly. Wrapping them in paper can significantly prolong their freshness. Even a simple newsprint and hygroscopic, absorbing moisture, prevents the spread of fungus and bacteria.

Bananas wrap in plastic wrap.

Perishable bananas can be kept, wrapped their "tails" ordinary cling film. While greenish bananas will Dospat. If the bananas have reached maturity, you can just freeze the flesh for later use as additives to cocktails and drinks.

The sauces are homemade stored in sealed packages.

For sauces you can choose practical bags with hermetic lock-seal. By placing inside the homemade sauce, you can send it in the freezer for long term storage.

Green onions, put in vessel with water.

Extend the life of green onions up to 2 weeks, placing it in a glass of water, pre-clearing of land and dry scales.

Herbs stored in a glass jar.

Extend the freshness of the greenery can be, if you put it in a dry jar (a particularly important condition, since the presence of moisture will lead to rot). Greens cut and placed inside the jar. The result is a fresh and beautiful seasoning.

Avocado stored with onions.

In the case when You have not eaten an avocado whole, the best way to preserve the remnants of the fruit will be fresh by placing them in one container with half of onions in a sealed package.

Honey stored in a glass jar.

Real natural honey has no expiration date. He maintained over the years thanks to the fresh components, protecting it from microorganisms. At the same time storing in the fridge leads to premature crystallization of honey and difficulties when removing from the jar. An ideal container material for honey is the glass. Store honey in an aluminum or metal tank is not recommended, as the oxidation and the honey loses its flavor.

Apples stored in the refrigerator.

To store apples is easy, and the fridge is the term of preservation can be extended to several months. The main thing is to isolate the fruit from each other, in contact begin putrefactive processes. It is easiest to wrap the apples in newspaper.

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