How to improve long term memory

Home All topics How to improve long term memory How to improve long-term palatiw bookmark 8 the First secret.The obtained information should be rapidly repeated in the first four days (96 hours) after the initial review. The frequency of intense repetitions during this time ranges from 3 to 4 times a day.

Second secret.

The repetition is necessary to recollect the received information, not peeping into the source from which it was taken. The repetition should focus on mnemonic clues — the images which You have created upon receipt of the data array.

It is useful to discuss the material and then compare with the original. In the case where the images You created, fail – revise them and repeat memorization. For example: in the most famous portrait of Dostoevsky in the hand holding the PEN. Author of portrait of Vasily PEROV. You tied these two words, but the repetition did not remember this mnemonic memorized in its memory. The repetition of the PEN, create an image of large dimensions.

The third secret. Each repetition is done at a faster pace than the previous one.

When You notice that the repetition takes longer than last time, increase the frequency of repetitions. Increase the intensity of training.

The images created in the brain and creates a mnemonic notches disappear for 3 — 4 days and the information stays in Your memory forever. This method is far from school cramming, according to the third rule, the retry time is constantly decreasing, and the information POPs up almost automatically.

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