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Home All topics How to repair the acetate frames How to fix a frame of acetates bookmarks Fix a broken glasses frame at home and in a matter of minutes. Clumsiness is not a flaw. Clumsiness is the norm. Simply, if you are one of those who used to break everything on your way and buy three phones a year, better to be optimistic and to strengthen the nervous system. But at the same time to remember a couple of useful hacking. For example, how to fix broken glasses with acetate frame.

Как просто и быстро починить сломанные очки из ацетата

Eyeglass frames acetate can be found in any optics shop. And the demand for them over the years, not subsided. Stylish, comfortable to wear, and the price is not too bites are the components of success. But there is one drawback: to break these glasses will not be a huge difficulty. But there is also a positive thing: to fix the acetate frame is very easy, even at home. No tape on the bridge of your nose... better stock up on acetone!

In order to fix the acetate frames, you will need:

  1. Acetone;

2. Confident motor skills.

Step 1

Ацетон не обязательно запасать канистрами. Подойдёт даже «смывка» для лака с ногтей. Acetone do not have to stock canisters. Suitable even for "remover" for nail Polish.

Pour acetone into a small container.

Step 2

Купаем оправу в ацетоне. Bathe the rim in acetone.

Carefully place both of the damaged portion of the rim in acetone "bath tub".

Step 3

Засекайте время. Time him.

Waiting for two minutes. During this time, the rim on the damaged area softens and becomes pliable.

Step 4

Соединяем размягчённые в ацетоне детали. Combine softened in acetone details.

And now a neat and confident movement join the broken parts. The main thing is to do everything exactly, otherwise the frame will "grow" crooked, which can cause discomfort in wear.

Пусть оправа подсохнет, а неприятный запах выветриться – и можно нова носить. Let the frame dry and the odor to fade and Nova to wear.

Express points of "rest" out for the day and unable to use them again. Just before repairing your eyeglasses at home, don't forget to watch this video.

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