How to clean a bathtub

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Hotels luxury bathrooms are always spotless. Plumbing white, and marble and ceramic tiles, there are no divorces. While the cleaning staff without the usual chlorine bleach. Managers of luxury hotels has shared the secrets of the perfect cleanliness and Shine.

1. The care of marble

Для того, чтобы на мраморе не оставалось потеков и пятен, его покрывают специальным лаком. In order that the marble was left with streaks and spots, it is covered with a special varnish.

To make the marble look like new, one thorough washing will not be enough. This beautiful stone must be covered with a protective lacquer. Every 7-9 months old layer is removed, the marble is polished and put on a new coat of varnish.

2. The choice of detergents

В дорогих отелях во время уборки санузлов никогда не используются хлорные отбеливатели. In expensive hotels during cleaning of toilets are never used chlorine bleach.

Many believe that white is best to cope with the pollution in the bathroom. But in order to clean all surfaces and sanitary ware, hotel workers never use preparations containing active chlorine, because they are too aggressive. In addition, the bleach leaves a specific smell and can cause allergic reactions. Now on the market there are lots of effective cleansers that do not contain chlorine. Plus, cleaning is best done with melamine sponges that easily remove impurities.

3. Change of robes and towels

В люксовых отелях махровые халаты и полотенца меняют каждый день. Luxury hotels plush bathrobes and towels are changed every day.

Towels and bathrobes are always fresh because they change it every day. When things decay, they are simply thrown away, and replacing the old one.

4. Caring for tile seams

Затирочные швы между кафельными плитками нужно чистить и покрывать защитными средствами. Grout the joints between the tiles should be cleaned and covered with a protective means.

Many believe that grouting the joints between tiles must be cleaned with a toothbrush. In fact, to get rid of mildew and stains, need every year to clean out the joints to a sufficient depth, and then cover them with a special silicone tools, which possess water-repellent and protective properties.

5. Washing floors

Для того, чтобы полы в ванной комнате блестели чистотой, веника и швабры недостаточно. In order to floors in the bathroom sparkled with cleanliness, the broom and the MOP are not enough.

Before you accept a room after cleaning, the shift Manager spends on the floor with white cloth. So it was not dust particles, workers have to use the vacuum cleaner, and then to hold wet cleaning. And in order to clean floors throughout the apartment to a perfect Shine, there is an effective budget tool, which is for everybody.

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