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Main All themes Choose quality items Choose quality vesev bookmarks 3 How many times have each of us reluctantly convinced that brought home the wrong thing, which was go to the store or to the market! And amazed myself: how could not see the obvious flaws in the purchased the new?! And the fabric is not what I want, and seam curve; and here is a flat loop in the knit.

Going out shopping, tune in to what your focus will be on quality things taking into account the advice that we provide to you.

Tip 1: If you want to buy a piece of cotton, squeeze in the palm area of the fabric. If the fabric will not absorb liquid and become like a crumpled piece of paper, it means that she is not natural cotton, and to give it visibility of its cotton treated with a special substance to temporarily maintain the shape. After the first wash it is completely loose form and will look old.

Tip 2: Check the stitches on the stitch density

If you pull the fabric in the seam, you'll get quite a clear picture about the quality of the stitch. Frequent stitch and a tight seam is an indicator of good quality stuff. Low quality products in place of the stitching detail will have gaps when pulling them, the seam is stretched, like spreading.

Tip 3: quality stuff zipper metal and almost always closed planochki.

You'll notice tonimarie. These zippers are reliable and durable. Plastic open zipper look sloppy and fast break. Torment to change, not to mention the fact that to sew it into a finished product is much more difficult than in the process of tailoring.

Tip 4: Pay attention to what products have ACC.

It needs to be at least 4 cm from trousers and skirts, and blouses, shirts – up to 2 see If ACC is less than or not at all, and the edge of the item just overloked, this thing of low quality.

Tip 5: Check the fabric on the ability to return to its shape after pulling.

Pull the fabric slightly and then release. If it is "springy" and returns the form, it's quality material. The fabric is of poor quality it will look untidy, it is a cheap material that you are trying to sell at a high price.

Tip 6: Inspect the clasps on dresses or other clothing.

They should match the color,the length of the parts of the zipper should match, the clasp should be smooth, not to squirm in the product, stretching the fabric.

Tip 7: the Label can provide a lot of information about the product.

Be careful, looking at her. First of all, check it against the brand. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of the brand, read the information on the composition of the fabric. The most useful to wear clothing made of 100% cotton, silk or wool, but caring for them is more complex and requires special washing, and Ironing. Small addition of synthetics (polyester, nylon, etc.) makes the thing able to keep better form and less messing about.

Tip 8: make Sure that the color of the fabric and thread in the seams match the color. This is one of the most important indicators of the quality of the product. When is the production of products flow, the mass consumer goods, it such "trifles", the artisans do not pay attention, and product is a strong effect that can be seen by the naked eye.

Tip 9: Pay attention to the way of sewing buttons on the execution of loops for them.

This is another indicator of the high quality products. The exact coincidence of the slot loop with attached button up without much prenotazione or wrinkles, smooth buttonhole loops with the same height of the stitch, without waviness and wrinkles makes the product really elegant. Negligence in the performance of these operations is considered a hack, so there is the quality cheap clothes.

Tip 10: make Sure that the quality of painting in areas of bending, sewn on straps, buckles and other accessories.

Not, the place will eventually become even more visible and more exposed to contamination, which makes the thing a sloppy and unkempt.

If you consider our tips and follow them when choosing clothes, this will help to avoid disappointment when looking at buying a home after shopping.

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