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Chinese "fake" conquering the world. Counterfeiting is everywhere: calling from the pockets of poor students, are buried in the purses of fashionistas at the bottom of their "brand" of handbags and even filled the shelves of children's shops. But it's flowers. Now the Chinese counterfeits got to the kitchen. In a network of increasingly disturbing news about a fake rice made of plastic.... To recognize a fake and not eat synthetics for dinner will help here's a simple test.

Сообщения о фальшивом рисе появляются всё чаще. Reports of false figure keeps popping up.

It's safe to say, by 2017-WMD, China has learned to fake everything. It seems, today or tomorrow people will start to clone that would say there is not a code of ethics. This year, the Network appeared many exposing videos about how factories in China and Vietnam "stamped" fake rice. According to eyewitnesses, fake cereal made from potato starch with a small admixture of plastic for a perfect white and elastic form. Although the percentage of plastic may not be great because of the unprofitability, the idea of synthetic rice as it is not appetizing. Therefore, the figure of a suspicious nature better (literally) to check the strength. And to give him "food Inquisition" here is such tests.

Test for forgery No. 1: test the water

Всплывёт или не всплывёт? Float or not float?

The easiest way to spot an impostor. Pour the rice with water, stir with a spoon and leave for a few minutes. The real figure will remain at the bottom, and rice starch and plastic will float to the surface. However, the reliability of the test water is not so great: even the present, but thoroughly dried Fig, may also emerge.

Test for forgery No. 2: trial by fire

Чувствуете запах пластика при горении? Smell plastic burning?

This test is carried out with extreme caution. Dial a small amount of rice (spoon will do) and ignite. Smelled burning plastic? Then it's better to prepare for dinner something different.

Test for fake # 3: test mold

Самый надёжный тест на натуральность. The most reliable test for naturalness.

Boil a small quantity of rice, allow to cool and place in sealed container. In the fridge or place. Forget about the dish for 2-3 days. Ordinary rice covered with mold and "plastic," stay fresh and appetizing. Of course, there can be neither the first sample nor the second. But this is the most reliable way to check the contents of a pack on natural.

В некоторых странах «фальшивый» рис вполне легален. In some countries, the "fake" pic is completely legal.

Despite the abundance of reports of counterfeit suppliers of rice is convinced that it is just an urban legend. Her goal is to convince consumers to buy only products of local manufacturers. And, for example, in North Korea, and the Philippines "fake" rice exists is legal: it is made from cheaper in those parts of maize. But to trust or check – decide.

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