Arugula can be grown directly on the balcony

Home All topics Arugula can be grown directly on the balcony Arugula can be grown directly on Balcones bookmarks But to grow on the windowsill ready to drink product that contains a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other trace elements in the "from the windowsill to the table" – quite another matter. This, besides the obvious utility, is also incredibly beautiful: the lush greenery on the windowsill amused eyes, pleased with the freshness and inspires hope for the triumph next spring, if you grow it in the winter... But to do this useful work is possible year-round.

All of the above directly relates to arugula, herbaceous plant of the cabbage family, green hat which sprouts on the windowsill invokes the same feelings.

The legitimate questions that need to be done to ensure that it is in the period of lack of vitamins and other nutrients to achieve full yield selenide the family table, how to grow arugula at home?

We select seeds for sowing arugula

The market offers different varieties of arugula and with different terms of maturing:

  1. Of the early varieties are most popular: Rococo, Coltivata, Poker, Solitaire. 20-25 days you will be able to eat fresh greens.
  2. The average class will yield in a month, these include Sicily, Corsica, rocket, Euphoria.

Prepare the soil and sown the seeds

The easiest way to plant arugula to buy the soil mix in the store: it is balanced all the necessary nutrients and trace elements set to the necessary looseness of the soil. But if you want to prepare the soil yourself, remember that the ground from the garden must boil to destroy possible pest and to take it better where once grew the bean or the pumpkin culture; in soil it is necessary to add humus and sand.

In the container where will be seeded arugula, must be provided with drainage holes and at the bottom of stacked gravel or pellets (to drain excess moisture).

The plant is undemanding, so the seeds are not soaked, not processed, but simply are sown evenly on the surface of moist soil in the prepared container, and then covered with another layer of soil the thickness of 1-1,5 see again moistened the soil, and the container is offered with plastic wrap until germination.

Care grown on the windowsill arugula in the winter

  1. After the emergence of seedlings 4-5 leaves possible to conduct a thinning to give more space germs; even small shoots can already be eaten.
  2. A well-prepared soil provides almost all nutrients of plants, so in feeding, they do not need, with rare exception.
  3. The lighting on the window sill almost natural, it is enough, in case of need it can be enhanced with fluorescent lights, but excess light can affect the plants, thinning them.
  4. Culture moisture-loving, pour over the salad should be in a day or two.

As you can see, the process is simple, requires no large expenditures, no big effort, even a pleasure from communication with nature, its contemplation creates a good mood; moreover, the fruits of labor decorate the dining table and are beneficial to the body each family member. Bon appetit and good health!

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