The “SUV” Ricoh WG-50 on sale

In the Russian retail began selling a new model of protected compact camera Ricoh WG-50. Novelty can shoot underwater at depths up to 14 meters for two hours, and can withstand drops of up to 1.6 meters, pressure up to 100 kg and can withstand frost down to -10° C.

Ricoh WG-50 is equipped with sensor with a resolution of 16mp, wide-angle 5x zoom lens with a focal length of 28-140 mm (35 mm equiv.). As a result of improved algorithms for the shooting, the photo realistic natural and rich color of the water during underwater shooting and color of green when shooting landscapes.

     <p><img src="" alt="Ricoh WG-50 back" /></p> <p>The user can choose from more than 20 modes for different genres and subjects. New additional custom modes will allow you to get expressive image (Vibrant) and high-contrast images with high dynamic range (Slide Film). New feature Outdoor View Setting allows you to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen depending on the lighting conditions: to make brighter for your comfortable sight in bright Sun light or darken to prevent glare when shooting at night.</p> <p>The cost of Ricoh WG-50 is 18990 rubles.</p><a href="" />Original Article</a>

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