LG ThinQ V30S – slightly updated flagship with a focus on AI

LG decided not to hurry with the release of the new flagship of the G7, so 2018 at MWC, the Korean manufacturer has not brought anything revolutionary. But the exhibition Korean delegation has arrived not with empty hands, fresh new became V30S LG ThinQ. The smartphone is an improved version of the flagship autumn V30, equipped with the same iron, but also received new tools for interacting with the artificial intelligence tools.

Externally and internally the new smartphone is all the same LG V30presented in the fall. It is unknown whether new opportunities pure software, or the engineers have also modified the hardware, but the company representatives said that the usual V30 will not receive the firmware with these features. Release date of new products scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018, the price of LG ThinQ V30S have not yet been reported.

Features of LG ThinQ V30S

Specifications LG ThinQ V30S are not much different from the previous version of the flagship. The smartphone features the same 6-inch display with a resolution of FullVision 2880х1440, on the basis of P-OLED matrix. It is equipped with chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Changes to the memory capacities: RAM capacity increased from 4 to 6 GB and the drive is increased to 128 or 256 GB. There is also a slot for a memory card.

The gadget supports all the current communication standards, equipped with NFC module. Responsible for the autonomy of the battery is 3300 mAh, support fast and wireless charging. The smartphone supports playback and recording at high resolution, it is certified radio B&O.

The main focus in LG ThinQ V30S, as before, is made on the cameras. Behind the smartphone with two matrices: at 16 MP, with traditional optics, as well as 13 MP, with a wide-angle panoramic lens having a viewing angle of 120 degrees. The main camera has a phase and laser autofocus system with optical image stabilization. Front end features a matrix of 5 MP.

The features and capabilities of LG ThinQ V30S

The smartphone has inherited all the features of its predecessor and has received a number of new options. The main innovations have become intelligent Vision system and the AI Voice AI. As the names suggest, the first adds the artificial intelligence tools for image processing and the second voice command.

The Vision AI feature adds several new camera options. Mode AI CAM allows you to analyze the contents of the frame, to choose the optimum configuration settings, depending on the scenario. It allows better adaptation to the landscape, portraits, pictures of animals, food, morning and evening pictures, etc.

The second tool AI Qlens, allows to recognize objects in the frame to search for information about them. It allows you to better scan the QR codes to find products on the Internet to find out information about the various attractions. It can help you to find a product on the Internet, aiming the camera on its packaging, or to find out details about the building, monument, etc.

Bright mode – mode of enhanced lighting and noise reduction, allowing to raise the sensitivity of picture up to two times. A special algorithm allows to analyze the frame to increase the overall light level, while filtering out unwanted noise which inevitably occurs at higher ISO.

System Voice AI is designed to empower the voice control LG ThinQ V30S. It should be a Supplement to the standard Google Assistant, to improve his work. The system adds 32 new teams, maintained at a low level, including those that do not exist in the helper Google. With V30S AI Voice LG ThinQ will be able to activate various features without opening the menu.


Despite the lack of hardware updates (in addition to increasing memory), V30S LG ThinQ looks still modern. Artificial intelligence should become the trend of 2018, so it functions make the mobile attractive. Success V30S LG ThinQ will depend on the marketing policy and rates of the device. Given that a regular V30 could not become a bestseller, despite a good set of features, LG ThinQ V30S hardly waiting for a stunning success. However, with proper promotion and a reasonable price tag, the novelty is quite able to help the manufacturer to hold the position.

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