Ideas for an autumn photo shoot with a child

For many people, autumn is associated with wilting and falling asleep nature, the harvest and the culmination of the year. For the beginning of September begins a new life – school, lessons, homework, twos and fives. As a result, now is the time to spend a fun photo shoot, while still small disciples did not understand that school is not always interesting.

Different age – different approach!

It is clear that depending on, how old was Chad, you can implement some ideas, autumn photoshoot with a child. All children – from toddlers to teenagers – you can take pictures not only in the Studio but in the lap of nature. Just need to use different toys, techniques and methods. Children are bad actors, so no need to force them to do anything: are artificial but the emotions are fake. Better to just give the baby time to learn and space to slowly begin shooting.

         <p>Locations for photography can be any Park, garden, Park, woods and even a Playground strewn with colorful leaves. The kid can shoot one, with my mother, older brothers and sisters. Younger students can invite classmates, young friends. When photographing a young child it need something to amuse, you can take with you on the nature of the favorite toys of your season. For example, huge trucks, which the child will carry the leaves. You can use sets of children's tools, which the baby will be able to do "pruning" of trees.</p> <p>Girls suitable a variety of wicker baskets to pick apples or plums. In General, the fruit theme gives a lot of very different ideas for the autumn photo shoot with the baby, however, as well as harvest huge pumpkins, is the growth of kids. Autumn leaves – another beautiful props, the boys can lift them up, to play catch-up on the colored carpet. Girls, of course, to collect the bouquets or weave wreaths. Particularly well will look wreaths, plaited with bunches of viburnum or Rowan.</p> <p><img src="" alt="Осенние фотографии" /></p> <p><strong>Autumn closet</strong></p> <p>Children's clothing for shooting also needs to be carefully chosen. Need to it was, firstly, warm and comfortable, secondly, comfortable. Girls and boys should be educated in harmony, so you need to pick up things by color. You can Supplement baby outfit is not quite familiar for the baby stuff, like a huge warm scarf or funny hat. Outfit girls complement capes and muffs if shooting is scheduled in November. As the autumn rains often upset, you can use this time, offering the child a bright rubber boots and huge umbrella of the same color. Thus it is necessary to allow him to measure the depth of some puddles and not be afraid of the spray.</p>       <p><strong>Children's dreams and emotions</strong></p> <p>Autumn is the time when all the processes in nature slowed down, everything becomes brooding and preparing for the winter sleep. Children are very sensitive to the surrounding world, adapt to it, copying and repeating. Why not take a moment and take a picture of the little man in moments of reverie, sadness or staring important subject.</p> <p>Any ideas for an autumn photoshoot with a child is not invented by the photographer, no matter what the props did not put in the frame – loving parents to be seen in the picture in the first place, their child – his emotions and feelings. Only then they will be able to evaluate the whole picture...</p><a href=>Original Article</a>

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