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How often have you been caught with a gift in the bull's-eye? Optibox— this is the case, when your gift will cause WOW and OMG reaction. And you know what's amazing? Not only the recipient, but also the customer himself to the bitter won't know WHAT's inside. All that will be known to you both — what a gift created especially for your requests for a specific person. Agree, incredibly cool?

Price: 1990 roubles


How to create a gift

All interested in the question: how does the process of creating such a unique gift? The first thing you ask the consultants, is to characterize the person who will prepare the surprise, as well as the delivery address. Don't be surprised if you will ask questions and be interested in the details. For example, if the gift recipient loves Star wars, then you definitely will ask the question about a favorite character or situation in one part of the franchise. Is it any wonder that the result in the box Optibox will be the best product that will perfectly meet all the necessary requirements. All you need to do is trust the team of professionals.

The uniqueness

There are a few things that make Optibox truly unique and not like anything else is present:

1. All in one place — from idea to delivery. You don't have to look for "missing puzzle pieces" in different places, because everything will be in one box.

2. The speed of delivery. There are cases when the delivery of the right today. In this case the option "urgent delivery", the holiday has been a success!

3. Incredible packing. Kraft design gift box, tied with satin ribbon, rustling paper filler and fittings, emitting pleasant aromas — all this is done to ensure that the gift remains in memory of people dear to you forever.

Before and after

Here's how a gift looks directly at the moment of receipt by the addressee. The suspense, drum roll...

...and that would be after opening a rustling and fragrant packing!

Watch the video as going Optibox, and hold on tight: after reading this article and watching the video below, create an irresistible urge to immediately buy a set of the closest people...and they will order it myself))


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