Fun scenario last call 2018 in the 11th grade

In 2018, as every year, will be touching and exciting gala of the year, will feature recent calls in the secondary schools of the country. Graduates of 11 classes forever say goodbye to the beloved school, dear teachers, friends and classmates.

It is important that these events were unforgettable, memorable and fun!

How to make the end of year celebrations memorable for each participant, that he remembered as a joyful event, filled with warm wishes, music, funny speeches, songs and poems?

The script is the last call for the 11th grade of secondary school

I offer interesting and original script, designed for a wide audience: parents, teachers, pupils, educators, and, of course, the main heroes of the occasion – graduates of 11 classes of secondary school.

The ideas of the script are as follows: in one of the musical miniatures parting line will return all participants in the recent past, as a real "time Machine"! You can imagine how was the line last time when I went to school our fathers and grandfathers!

One of the ideas of this script to invite first-graders, symbolizing the flower of life!

So, last call, turned into a real fairy tale, sure to appeal to all the participants.

Props and decorations:

  1. To carry out the event itself are encouraged on the school area, but if for objective reasons it is impossible, it is quite possible to spend it in the gym of school.
  2. Need music equipment, 2 wireless microphones and a third mounted on the rack.
  3. Gifts for first-graders by number of children. The long and the flexible balloons it is necessary to produce colored flowers by the number of first graders.
  4. To prepare the nominations personalized thank-you letters from the school signed by the Director or classroom teacher, certified with a seal.

Nominations received from:

 <ol><li>Student "Wand". Is awarded to the most active learner in helping teachers, creative participant in all school activities.</li><li>Student "Seven spans in a forehead" is Awarded to the most intelligent graduate.</li><li>The Apprentice "Star Star". Is awarded to the most talented graduate who professionally sings, dances, paints and so on.</li><li>Student "the Tears of my opponents." Awarded to the best athlete of the school, distinguished himself in sports and competitions, have reached certain heights in sports during schooling.</li><li>Student "Decided" is Awarded to the most resourceful graduate school senior.</li><li>"Inseparable couple". This is a thank you letter and signed for two. Awarded to the best friends or inseparable friends.</li><li>Student "Bezlimita". Is awarded to the most unruly prankster of the graduates of the school, the talkative Joker.</li></ol><p>This set of thank-you letters are prepared for each graduating class.<br />Preliminary preparation:

Pre-recording theme songs:

  • "School years wonderful»;
  • "This can never be repeated»;
  • «School year»;
  • "The school waltz" by I. Dunaevsky;
  • group Dot song "goodbye, school»;
  • "Closing the circle»;
  • "minus one" song "to Brag, sweetheart, I'm not going" from the film "Wedding dowry".

To fill the pauses between scenes, you need to prepare several numbers of Amateur performances: songs, dances. Among them are definitely "Dance of flowers", who together will perform first-graders and alumni.
Below the level of the rooms was high enough in training, use the services of professionals in singing and dancing.


  • Presenter (teachers);
  • Leading (teachers);
  • The class teacher of the graduating class;
  • Principal;
  • 10 readers (graduates – the graduates);
  • 7 readers (graduates – graduates) on the "Dedication of first-Graders»;
  • "The Little Bell". Disguised as a first grader, in the head cap in the form of a bell, in the hands of a small bell.
  • The performers of Russian folk songs dressed in national costumes (4-5 persons of the graduates, in the hands of their traditional instruments: rattle, balalaika, spoons, etc.).

Scene No. 1.

Background sound of a song about school subjects. In the square there are parents and teachers. The music couples out graduates and become a system.

On the edge of the square stands a table with a musical instrument. Center microphone mounted on a rack. Come to anchor, host and Director of the secondary school.

Key: Hello friends! Here today, on this solemn ruler, we have gathered on important and touching about it.

Key As one day had swept all eleven years of school life. It had everything: joy of knowledge, the bitterness of grief.

Key But there is always next to you were the ones who all this time have you devoted love, care, understanding. Those who shared all these years with you knowledge, skills with which you will now be able to go a confident gait into adulthood.

Key: As you all understand, we are talking about our favorite teachers and educators. The floor main of them – the Director of SOSH No. ... (name)

Director's remarks: our Dear graduates! Dear parent! Colleagues! A little more and we will hear the last call sounds for our students eleventh grade. For them it will really last. How many times have you guys on his signal, hurried to their classes, how many times has he pleased you to recess? We, the teachers of the school № ... has taught you everything, gave all the knowledge they have. And now we will be anxious to see your fate. You are our future and we believe in you!

On the scene and crying Little Bell.

ребенок с колокольчиком

Director: Bell, what happened? Why are you crying?

Small Bell: How can I not cry if I today for the children of the graduates ring the last time, and we'll never see you again?

Director hugging her baby, wishing: School life she is! Very young students come to school in first grade, learn, learning science is different, grow up and go to new, adult life. Don't cry, little!

Small Bell: So we're not with them anymore you will never meet? Don't know what they will become in the future?

Director: Be sure and see you and learn about their future! Our teachers so much effort, care, knowledge and love invested in each of them. Graduates will remain forever in our life and memory. And anyway, let me tell you a little secret, don't tell anyone, okay?

He nods in agreement.

Director mysterious: Our school, I hope you understand, this is a real time machine! Thanks to her, we will always be able to see our favorite girls and boys at different times.

First, they can always come in my dear school! And secondly, we will see them on "the reunion»!

And, in General, we all can meet at least every year and, most importantly, to observe what heights in life to reach our graduates! And besides, you already really looking forward to our first graders who need school! They also have to learn in it of 11 classes!

Small Bell wipes his tears and happily says: "Really?"

Director: Certainly!

The little Bell happily nods and the bell, shouting from the rooftops, runs a victory lap around the square. Escapes.

Scene no 2.

Out readers the seniors, lined up in a row.

The first graduate:

Today is the last time
Included in their home school.

The second graduate:

Where it all ended for us,
We begin life in the new.

Third graduate:

Ahead of us are waiting for adventure,
Friends, work and family!

The fourth graduate:

Going there without regret,
Us change in life is so needed!

Fifth graduate:

But the school, darling, dear,
Will leave in your heart forever,

Sixth graduate:

Love, care, understanding,
And school favorite things!

Seven graduates:

We leave at your school
Their native teachers,

The eighth graduate:

Miss you always we will,
Each of us will leave you in his heart!

The ninth graduate:

And remember we will always
And the school yard and school garden.

The tenth graduate:

And to return briefly
Each of us will be so pleased!

Room Amateur.

Scene No. 3.

Key: Of course, practically a second mother to each of you, our dear graduates, become your class teachers (F. I. O.).

To provide word class teachers of all classes at a time, but you can (by agreement of the teachers) to choose one from all the teachers congratulate the graduates.

Key: Here who-who, and these people know about you, literally everything! So, the floor is cool(-s) leader (s)... (name)

The speech of the teacher: Dear children! Dear guests of our solemn ruler devoted to the last call. It's hard for me to tell you the word "goodbye" because I can't imagine my school life without you, mine has become so expensive, students! And although I and all other teachers will be sad, but we are confident that you will find a bright road of life! You are our bright future! We believe in you! And in parting, we have prepared, in addition to certificates of graduation, and even a few individual letters. So, letter of commendation in the category awarded to... …

Room Amateur.

Scene No. 4.

Key: Dear graduates! Dear parents! It's time to give our seniors the real certificates, a start in life!

Key Of award granted to the Vice principal of our secondary school №...(name)
To microphone comes the head teacher and the Director. Names of graduates are called, to the applause of the issued certificates.

Room Amateur.

Scene No. 5.

Key Today the solemn ceremony on the last call, there is a change of the current graduates.

Key: Meet the kids! Our flowers of life – first graders! Leave future graduates, and so far only the first graders in our school! Under our applause they take the first steps to a new life under the name school time!

The background music sounds.

The seniors come to the first graders, give them gifts. All first graders by the hand withdrawn graduates. Each child holds a flower from balloons. Children waving them.

Graduates put guys in line. Go in its place. Readers come to the microphone. Sounds "Dedication To First-Graders".

The first graduate:

Take our spot,

The second graduate:

You come to our class.

Third graduate:

First-graders dear,
How you delight us!

The fourth graduate:

For once
We are here as well,

Fifth graduate:

To school with their mothers came.

Sixth graduate:

All year here weaned,

Seven graduates:

And friends we find here.

That's all. in chorus:

You are flowers of our life, guys,
And now, not preschoolers!
You us at school.
And friends in this school found!

Scene No. 6.

Key: Guys, as you can see, school is always a real "time Machine". When it came to the walls of our graduates were as small as today's first-graders. And they grew up, and they were replaced by the same boys and girls!

Key refers to first-graders: Want to look into the future and find out what you would be after 11 years?

Children chorus: Yes!

Key: Look at our graduates – this is your future! You will grow as beautiful and smart! And most importantly – the most favorite for us, your teachers!

Key: So, miracles happen at school virtually every day. Thanks to received knowledge, every day, every lesson, students become more Mature and richer in knowledge! They now can easily look into the future, to build and to plan what they will be, what profession will become, what will you do in this life!

Key: This is the future you now to imagine. Let's with our "time Machine" back a bit in time and imagine how could be the line of last call at a time when you were our grandparents?

The sounds "minus one" song from the film "Wedding dowry" "to Brag, sweetheart, I won't».

On stage the singers in Russian folk costumes, with balalaika and noisemakers in hand and singing.

Lyrics-rework "to Brag, sweetheart, I won't»:

Verse No. 1.

To brag sure I won't,
I will warn in advance.
From the sky a star will get,
Will do the job.
About my friends let them say,
Not lazy and clean heart,
Or I school wide
Enough radiant?

Verse number 2:

Hard was given to us by science,
Algebra and physics.
More like lessons
Fizruk, Trudovik.
We birdhouses b knocked
Whole trimesters
And the circle would be chased
In the first place would we.

Verse number 3:

But here came the parting
Cheek flows the tear.
Forget about the schedule
We now have time!
Not we will come again,
Do not take tutorials.
We all need to go further
Thank you, wizards.

Verse No. 4:

Teachers are our relatives,
Teachers of different,
We will remember you
Strict, but cool!

(loser song).

Scene No. 7.

Key: Dear graduates! Dear guest! The word is given to parents of our graduates, who is also with us lived all these years, he studied together with the children, checked homework and went to school meetings.

Key: Dear parents, you are given the reply!
The microphone come from the parent Committee. Speak words of gratitude to the school and teachers. Applause, applause, applause.

At the end of the solemn ruler devoted to the last call, the graduates handed the flowers to his teachers, the Director, class teacher. All back to music in school. Students go in pairs, like in and out. The celebration continues in the classroom.

Thank you very much for the script, written specially for the website "Island of positive" Reshetnikovoy to Natalia and to me the wording of some points.

Sincerely, Natalia Krasnova.


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