Wireless technology for charging gadgets

Wireless technology for charging gadgets Author admin, date: April 12, 2018

Not so long ago there was news about the invention of the new wireless way of charging gadgets using a laser beam. Demonstrated at one of the exhibitions of American scientists electronics device that has shown amazing results – a smartphone, a distance of more than 4 metres from the power source, able to charge at speed, not inferior to classical cable connection.

Popular scientific portal, of course, interested in the topic and highlighted it as detailed as possible. It's possible that the big brands will be interested in this development, and soon we will see the results of the research.
The debate about the need for the use of wireless technology for replenishment of smartphones, tablets or other mobile gadgets has been quite lengthy. Was given a sufficient number of arguments that indicate that this accessory will become an indispensable helper in daily life. First attempts of implementation date back to 2009, when appeared on the market the Palm Pre support Quick Charge. The high cost of the product and for too long replenishment scared away potential buyers that have stopped development. Now most of the devices of the premium segment is equipped with support for such formats, allowing you to charge batteries without wires:

  • Qi;
  • PMA;
  • Rezence.

Formats chargers for modern devices

Few people know but wireless devices have a relatively simple design, which has more than 20 years is used in different industries and in everyday life. For example, electric toothbrushes, battery powered, charged through the same system Qi, and a modern IPhone 8. Of course, in the latter it is modified by many orders of magnitude more powerful.
It is based on familiar to us from school physics lessons the phenomenon of magnetic induction. Transmitters that work with this format, usually appear in the form of small stands, are compact and safety. The charger is located inside the magnetic coil and the control system of the filing of a charge. The phone has in its body the same extent. When the owner of the phone puts it on a stand between the two coils creates a magnetic field. It is converted to energy, taken by the charge controller of the smartphone. Moreover, if on a stand to place several phones, electricity will be provided to each of them. Of course, if the device is no Qi receiver to work for nothing. In this case, the transmitters and receivers can be purchased separately.

There is another standard for transmitting energy without cables – PMA (Power Matters Alliance). His work is based on the same principles as in the case of Qi. With an overall similarity they are incompatible, that is a more efficient a marketing ploy. Agree, the brand producing smartphones with PMA on Board more profitable to produce and sell charging due to the fact that it is less relevant than Qi.

Future wireless technologies

At this stage of existence, charging technology is increasingly used by producers to increase uniqueness. Despite this, most experts believe that such exercises have a great future. We should also consider the enormous popularity of devices that use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some large corporations support the development of this system. Now in some café or, for example, airports are stands that allows you to charge smartphones without wires.

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