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A set of lenses for your smartphone

In a cheap set of GETIHU includes three lenses: fisheye, wide angle and macro photography. Worth a penny, but to extend the photographic ability of the gadget allows robust design.

Price: 155 roubles


Magnetic car holder

With compact assist will not have to worry about how to place one in the car, to be able to see the map of the Navigator or to answer the call. A smartphone fixed to the holder with a magnet – this method is considered the most reliable and harmless.

Price: 159 roubles


Gadget for remote control

Buy a gadget with a cheerful face, you can forget about the remote! The product from VBESTLIFE suitable for IPhones and Android smartphones. Note: before you can use the infrared gadget you need to download on the phone suitable application.

Price: 104 rubles


USB vacuum cleaner

To vacuum with such a device, the carpet in the living room, of course, will not work, but to clean laptop keyboard from dust and crumbs easily. Compact vacuum cleaner powered from USB and consumes minimum energy.

Price: 172 rubles


Bluetooth receiver

Aneng using the receiver, you can wirelessly stream music from your mobile device to the car radio or home stereo system.

Price: 166 roubles


USB tester

With this similar to a USB flash drive gadget can measure voltage, amperage, power output USB port. A real godsend for those who often buys electronics handheld or simply not inclined to believe the words of the consultants.

Price: 162 ruble


Razor-powered smartphone

Here is what Chinese technology has come! No need to look for an outlet to shave – the device from HAPPY MONKEY runs on USB Type-C.

Price: 171 ruble


Flexible lamp USB

This lamp is perfect for illuminating keys of a laptop in the dark. Device from LESHP USB powered and requires no other power sources. Among its advantages also include the durability and compactness.

Price: 165 roubles


External flash for smartphone

If you are unhappy with the way the pictures of your smartphone in the dark, buy a device from ASDOMO. External led flash connects to port 3.5-Jack and is compatible with all modern mobile OS versions.

Price: 101 rubles


Case, the chameleon for iPhone

This silicone accessory from FLOVEME not only effectively protects your smartphone from mechanical damage, but also looks very impressive. It's a pity that such pouches produced only for models from Apple.

Price: 200 roubles "a penny"


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