Principal network cables for local area networks

Principal network cables for local area networks Author Nata On October 21, 2017

The modern world is trying to get rid of the cables, and only small evidence of this is the emergence of wireless headphones and chargers. As for the operation of computer networks, there are a replaced the wires trying to get the technology of data transmission over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Do not argue, in the future, probably we can do without all sorts of cables, but until wireless data transmission largely inferior to wired: it's more prone to interference, has a smaller radius and speed of action. Today for connecting computers in a local network and to connect peripheral devices use the good old wire, which will try to find out.

To connect the computers together in a local network or to connect them to global networks, using network cables.

Principal network cables for Ethernet:

  • coaxial cable;
  • twisted pair;
  • the fiber optic cable.

Coaxial cable is the most ancient, if I may say so, the representative of the network cables, today it is used infrequently, but still quite indispensable. The design is quite simple: a metallic conductor enclosed in an insulation layer on top of which is a braid made from aluminum or copper. To connect the special connectors BNC and BNC-T.

    <p>The main <strong>disadvantage of a coaxial cable</strong> – it is exposed to the electromagnetic field, therefore, computer network with it, have not build, but today these wires are used to connect satellite dishes. Also good coaxial cable shows himself as a conductor of high-speed networks to transmit both digital and analog signals, so it is often used for the installation of cable television networks.<a href="коаксиальный-кабель-2.gif" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="коаксиальный-кабель-2.gif" /></a></p> <p>Replaced coax options came <strong>twisted pair</strong>. Why a new modification got its name? Such <a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">a cable network</a> for a computer consists of pairs of conductors, made of copper material. The standard version contains 4 pairs, 8 items, but on sale you can find a cable with 4 conductors (2 pairs). The color of the inner insulation is defined by the standard.<a href="кабель-витая-пара.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="кабель-витая-пара.jpg" /></a></p> <p>Depending on the availability of protection in the form of a copper braid or aluminum foil <strong>twisted pair is divided into the following types: </strong></p> <ul><li>UTP, or unprotected twisted pair is the conductors in the usual plastic protection, no additional protection elements are not used;</li> <li>F/UTP or foil twisted-pair, all pairs of conductors braided foil;</li> <li>STP, each pair of cables has its own protection foil;</li> <li>S/FTP – each pair protected with a braid, foil, and all of them together is additionally protected by a copper shield;</li> <li>SF/UTP – all cables are placed together in the foil and copper screen.</li> </ul><p>Unprotected twisted pair is cheaper. The use of cables with a shielding layer justified if you need high quality transmission of information over significant distances.<a href="кабель-витая-пара-2.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="кабель-витая-пара-2.jpg" /></a></p> <p>Twisted pair is also marked <strong>from </strong><strong>CAT</strong><strong>1 to </strong><strong>CAT</strong><strong>7</strong>: the numerical index higher the better. To build networks suitable twisted pair CAT5, but better still use CAT5e – it is better than missing high-frequency signals. Twisted pair connect device, located at a distance of not more than 100 m from each other.</p> <p><strong>Fiber optics is the fastest and most modern version</strong>, used in the construction of computer networks. The main advantage is the high degree of protection from interference and unlimited speed data transmission. This cable provides data transfer on long distances – up to 100 km fiber Itself is not very expensive, but the adapters for it and other equipment – not a cheap pleasure, so long as the use of such cables is limited only to the connection segments of large networks, data transmission for the large distance and high-speed Internet access. For working with fiber optics must have the special skills and expensive equipment. <a href="оптоволокно.gif" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="оптоволокно.gif" /></a></p>     <p>For those who are just beginning to learn the theory and practice of constructing computer networks, note that for <strong>computer connection with peripheral devices using cables of another type.</strong> USB cables need to connect your printer, scanner, MFP etc. With the help of this cord also provides power to the smartphone or music player in case you lose the original charge. HDMI/VGA/DVI cable connect computer to your TV or monitor. This approach allows us to obtain a more detailed picture and surround sound. The advantage is that to run does not need the drivers. An important parameter is the bandwidth of such products. To display photos and videos, will be enough and the standard variation. Games and movies require high-speed wire.</p><a href="" />Original Article</a>

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