Google in 2018 can produce three unit Pixel

Google in the next year to release three smartphones Pixel, just become known by their code names. Google always names the devices Pixel the names of the fish, next time it can be crosshatch, albacore and blueline. This publication reports Droid-Life, which has credible sources of information.

Since this is early information, do not take it with full confidence, but the idea is interesting. It resembles Apple's approach this year, which also produces three machine iPhone. The premium model in this case is iPhone X on price, design and functionality. It is expected that the name of the Pixel will be used on all three devices.

However, one should not forget that rumors about the smartphone Google 2017 also talked about the three models. There was also information about the three code names, namely, muskie, walleye and taimen. As a result of muskie, the developers decided to get rid of. We can say that as Google is not quite there yet.

It is also interesting to note that the code name of crosshatch already appeared in the documentation of the Google AOSP. The other two titles are brand new, but the document is also the name of wahoo. It can refer to another device that is associated with audio. It is believed that the name of the device, which Google refused in early 2017.

No matter what model Pixel did not appear in 2018, there is no doubt that Google relates to the production of hardware products all the more serious.


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