DOOGEE S80: shockproof smartphone with IP68 protection and a walkie-talkie

DOOGEE S80 received useful function of Walkie-Talkie (walkie-talkie) and an excellent iron clamp on the back cover. If you work in the air or just love extreme sports and travel, shockproof DOOGEE S80 with protection from water and dust according to IP68 standard will be indispensable in any situation.

The Walkie-talkie feature

DOOGEE S80 is a reliable smartphone with all essential features for an active holiday. In addition to the protection IP68 and shock resistant casing, the gadget attracts the attention of the Walkie-talkie function — digital mobile radio. On the side is a button communication (PTT). With its help, the user can communicate by radio with other people, even in the deep forest, never been mobile.

DOOGEE engineers have done everything possible to investigate this function through the development of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is a standard for digital mobile wireless communications, submitted in April 2005.

Compared to classic analog radios, digital radio DMR has several advantages: a more inclusive, better and reliable communication, which is almost impossible to eavesdrop. Digital radio in DOOGEE S80 has a range of 400-480 MHz and the range of the signal in the range of 4-6 kilometers. This is higher than competitive models with the radio Blackview BV 9500 and approaches the communication standards MOTOROLA.

Useful sensors and a pocket clip

Digital Walkie-talkie is not the only feature DOOGEE S80. Designers DOOGEE has developed a convenient and compact back cover. It is resistant to falls, shocks and other adversities. In addition, it has established a strong clip. With its help, the smartphone can be easily attached to a belt, pocket or other part of clothing.


DOOGEE S80 also got a huge battery for 10 080 mAh (even more than DOOGEE S60), 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 GB of internal flash memory. The main camera of the new module is equipped with 12 MP. The device is equipped with SOS button, GPS module, proximity sensor, light sensor, compass, barometer, gyroscope and OTG cable. As you can see DOOGEE S80 is just made for adventurers.


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