DOOGEE BL9000: discovered the secret of the rapid charging of smartphone

The recently introduced smartphone DOOGEE BL9000 has unique technology of quick charging. According to official data, in the model BL9000 used high speed charger 5V-5A with the technology of Pump Express 4.0. Even with a huge battery of 9000 mAh, camera DOOGEE BL9000 charge does not last long and will not ruin your plans or to make a long wait charging.

Pump Express 4.0 — the latest and improved charging technology for processor production MediaTek. It allows you to save up to 50% of the time compared to other technologies. Charger smartphone DOOGEE BL9000 using Pump Express 4.0, supplies a current of 5A at a voltage of 5V. So the battery apparatus is charged to 67% faster than the QC2.0. Judging by the tests zaradki DOOGEE BL9000, its huge battery 9000 mAh charging 100% in just 70 minutes. With full battery and in standby mode, this unit is for 768 hours.

DOOGEE BL9000 Pump Express 4.0

Pump Express 4.0, the latest advanced innovation charging MediaTek, saves the battery charging time by more than half compared to a standard charger. Battery charger DOOGEE BL9000 using Pump Express 4.0 provides a current of 5 a at A voltage of 5 V. This charging condition of 25 W can be 67% faster than the QC2.0. DoOGEE BL9000 proved that its pure battery life returns to 100% in just 70 minutes, and this speed is much greater than just "fast", and therefore to know why FANS call it the "Flash Charging" and brags that the device is capable of holding 768 hours in standby mode.

DOOGEE BL9000 Pump Express 4.0

In addition to using fast-charging technology Pump Express 4.0, it is crucial to well-made USB adapter. DOOGEE BL9000 equipped with a port USB Type-C. Charging a smartphone uses four chips: one in the adapter, the second housing and the last two in the USB modules. Together, these circuits regulate voltage and current, providing high efficiency and security of energy transfer when charging a device.

With the new technology of charge Pump Express 4.0 and four circuits, which are responsible for stability and safety, quick charging DOOGEE BL9000 not cause problems to users and will promptly fill the battery of the device with energy.

DOOGEE BL9000 will be on sale until the end of may. And to learn more about the product visit the official DOOGEE website.

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