Bobby Bizz from XD Design – smart backpack anti-theft with the possibility of transformation in the portfolio

Bobby Bizz from XD Design – smart backpack anti-theft with the possibility of transformation in the portfolio of the Author Nata Date: February 09, 2018

Only the most inattentive and did not notice that backpacks flooded the urban space. What? It is comfortable and roomy, not always safe, because the backpack is back, and so experienced and dexterous thief can easily get hold of his valuables. When cases of such thefts became more frequent, all EN masse began to wear backpacks in front of you at chest. It turned out safe, but not very convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Watching the new "fashion" designer XD Design decided to create a secure backpack. And I got the first backpack-anti-theft Bobby. The demand was furious, why the company continued to work on the development of ideas. Recently got a new smart backpack-anti-theft Bobby Bizz. It can transform into a cute portfolio, got a few levels of protection against theft and USB port for charging gadgets. It's not all chips, so the novelty requires more detailed consideration.


How it all began?

Sure that residents of big cities are already faced with backpacks company XD Design. However, some inputs will not prevent. XD Design – Dutch company that tries to do ordinary things , which we constantly use in everyday life more functional and practical. Earlier manufacturer is engaged in production of flashlights, thermos, battery chargers, palm smartphones, and other useful things. Now it came to backpacks, which the company decided to make not only safe, but smart.

The designer, who drew attention to the widespread wearing of backpacks in front of him, was Thomas Droze. He worked to create the first backpack from XD Design model Bobby that showed up on Kickstarter in 2016 and raised a record amount. Later, there was a smaller version of the goods – backpack Bobby Compact. They were both protected from thieves and had a USB output, together with concise design and provided them with a huge popularity worldwide. Bol! Companies Kaspersky Lab and order the backpacks from XD Design used as corporate, and it means a lot.

   <p>Over <strong>the third backpack line</strong> worked Shanghai designers who prefer functionality to the decor. In the end it was Bobby Bizz smart backpack transformer with a discreet design, it can turn into a solid portfolio and protect all the contents from intruders. When the idea appeared on Kickstarter, it is for the first few days has collected 10 times more money than planned.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <h2>What is it, Bobby Bizz from XD Design?</h2> <p>Bobby Bizz was more strict than his predecessors. It is available <strong>only in black color</strong> and his whole appearance suggests that will be a great friend for the serious business person who appreciates comfort and functionality. The product is made of several layers of thick materials, including <strong>polyester, PP Board</strong>, <strong>which cannot be cut. </strong>This decision had a positive impact not only on security but also on water resistance of the backpack is waterproof, and all things within it, even in the rain you will remain dry. Exactly the same combination of materials was used in the older models of backpacks.</p> <p>The creators Bobby Bizz went ahead and equipped the product <strong>aluminum frame</strong>. This allowed to further improve the level of safety of products, as well as to protect all contents from damage during, for example, the crush of the metro backpack is perfectly retains its shape under any circumstances.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>For the safety of future owners of the backpack has a small <strong>reflective band</strong>. At night car drivers and cyclists, you will definitely notice.</p> <p>All zippers backpack – from a trusted Japanese manufacturer YKK.</p> <p>Now for <strong>size's</strong>. The product turned out very compact, 10*44,5*31 cm, useful volume of 10 l. Weighs, however, such a small bag 1.3 kg – more than larger older brothers. You've probably already guessed that this weight gain product is obliged to the aluminum frame. Well, security and convenience require sacrifice, and pleased that these victims are not particularly significant.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p>          <h2>Transformation is one of the main features</h2> <p>With a backpack is easy to navigate through the metropolis, ride the subway, ride a bike or gyrometer. Such ways of moving are more likely to choose business people, tired of the constant traffic jams. That's just with a backpack, no matter how convenient it may be, somehow wrong to come into the office for a meeting, interview or negotiation. A business person needs to be a portfolio, which, together with a clock and a suit says about his status. «<strong>It would be nice to combine the backpack and briefcase</strong>"thought in XD Design has presented its own vision of such a decision.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>Bobby Bizz is easy <strong>transformered from a backpack in a decent case</strong>. It is sufficient to unfasten the straps of his backpack and put them in special pockets. Everything is so simple that even a beginner will cope with the task in less than a minute, and over time, the operation will reach the automatism and will take a matter of seconds. Carry the portfolio for easy <strong>handle with rubberized soft-touch coating</strong> located on the long side. Meet you businessman of the same case, would have guessed that this thing two seconds ago was a backpack.</p> <p>Hats off, to the creators of Bobby Bizz managed to find the right balance: the model successfully looks like a backpack, like a briefcase, but you can see in the photo. It turns out, buying two separate accessory and constantly pass things with such a thing is not necessary.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>The manufacturer has also included <strong>additional handle</strong> on the short side of the backpack, it can be useful in certain usage scenarios. Important functions it is not responsibility, that's probably why it made quite thin and not very comfortable for prolonged use. When transformered backpack to briefcase, this pen can be hidden in a specially designed pocket, so it does not spoil the external appearance.</p> <h2>How many pockets in Bobby Bizz?</h2> <p>Let's look for the answer to this question together. To begin, we note that the designers have tried to create the most ergonomic and thought-out product, with the use of Cycling every inch of the interior and exterior space.</p> <p>Recall that the backpack is rather compact, has a volume of 10 liters, but thanks to rational organization, you can easily accommodate a laptop or tablet, and documents, and a mouse with the power Bank, and some personal things.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>Heart backpack – <strong>laptop compartment</strong> a diagonal of 15.6 inches. It is close <strong>compartment for tablet</strong> a diagonal of 9.7 inches. The compartments can be used for the careful storage of important documents – nothing will get wrinkled. Both divisions are fixed with Velcro so that when you move inside nothing is loose, falling out and damaged.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>On the opposite side there is a pocket under the zipper and compartments for all kinds of accessories, like mouse, battery and smartphone. The manufacturer had thoughtfully placed small clues-pictures, which are misleading, which is most suitable a particular Department. Something similar we constantly encounter in refrigerators. Here too is convenient <strong>carabiner for attaching the keychain</strong> so they are not dangling around the backpack and clawing expensive gadgets. Provided holders for pens and pencils. By placing all the most important things "on the wall", the Central space can be used for other items: book, umbrella, a small supply of food, etc.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>Main <strong>external pocket</strong> in the backpack alone. It is located beside the handle, located under the zipper, and inside it a surprise – <strong>USB</strong><strong>-cable</strong> but more on that later. There are a couple <strong>additional pockets</strong>. They are located in <strong>the straps of the backpack</strong> – then you will not notice. Inside they are made of soft fuzzy material such as suede and is designed to hold travel and other small items. Zippers and Velcro on those pockets there, but the manufacturer claims that due to the special internal coating, nothing will fall out.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <p>The manufacturer has added another convenient feature. By default, so to speak, backpack <strong>opens to 45 degrees</strong>. This is enough to get the laptop or paper — special latches warning fully plowing and hair loss things out. If you need to open the backpack at an angle <strong>90 degrees</strong> you can detach the fabric fasteners located at the bottom of the inner part. They are mounted on the buttons. Completely undoing the zipper, you can open the backpack, called, <strong>wide open – 180 degrees</strong>. To unpack, going on a trip, it will be much easier.<a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a></p> <h2>Why backpack Bobby Bizz called anti-theft?</h2> <p>In the backpack were implemented immediately <strong>several solutions aimed at improving the security of personal belongings of the owner: </strong></p> <ul> <li>secret <strong>vandal-proof zipper</strong> with polypropylene insert behind the lapel fabric, so they are only visible by the owner, and only with its sides can be opened. The attacker, who for several minutes unsuccessfully to pull the zip, trying to open the backpack, certainly will not go unnoticed or just give up;</li> <li>already mentioned above, special <strong>neprorezaemye material</strong> will not allow to get to content in a more rude way. Sharp knife, of course, can ruin the material of the backpack, but the contents remain untouched;</li> <li>durable <strong>metal frame</strong> protects the corners and joints from thieves;</li> <li><strong>carabiner stainless steel with three-digit lock.</strong> In your presence one thing from the backpack, not carry off, and that if you looked away or moved away, leaving the accessory alone? Steal it easy. It would be. If not for the castle. On one of the straps now have a carabiner with a sturdy rope so you can strap the backpack to the table or the back of the chair. You can also close the carabiner on the zipper handle, so no one in your absence to open the backpack.<a href="антивор.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="антивор.jpg" /></a></li> </ul> <h2>Back, straps, chips</h2> <p>The straps of the backpack, like everything else done efficiently. They are soft, inside is covered with a perforated breathable to summer you feel comfortable. Hard breathable back support is very comfortable and with a special design and a special system of distribution of load, weight of the backpack and its contents seems to be 20-25% lower than it really is.</p> <p>Small but very handy item – on the back of the backpack <strong>there is a ribbon for attaching to telescopic handle of suitcase</strong>. So the designers solved the problem of busy hands, which we all face, transporting Luggage at the airport or train station.<a href="антивор-2-e1518186078527.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="антивор-2-e1518186078527.jpg" /></a></p> <h2>USB output</h2> <p>And here is the detail that makes the backpack smart. Bobby Bizz will not only protect your gadgets from theft or damage during transportation, but also recharges them while you are in a hurry to work. USB port located in the outer pocket. The cable is hidden under the lining and its second end is located inside of a backpack – concealed wiring such will save us at least from one eternally tangled wires.<a href="умный-рюкзак-2-e1518186177113.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="умный-рюкзак-2-e1518186177113.jpg" /></a></p> <p>In the inner compartment you have an external battery, connect it to the USB cable, and when necessary, open exterior pocket and put the mobile on charging. Looking for a power socket to keep the power Bank in your hand or carefully lay out the entire structure in a bag is no longer necessary.<a href="умный-рюкзак.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="умный-рюкзак.jpg" /></a></p> <h2>Careful! Fake!</h2> <p>Backpack Bobby Bizz repeating the success of older brothers, and popular things in our world it is accepted to forge. <strong>To distinguish the original one of the following:</strong></p> <ul> <li>neat stitching and zipper;</li> <li>packaging – tight box with words in English;</li> <li>a thick plastic bag with the air inside of the backpack;</li> <li>a special sticker with a protective layer, hiding the serial code of a backpack. You can check on the website.<a href="умный-рюкзак-3.jpg" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><img src="умный-рюкзак-3.jpg" /></a></li> </ul> <p>Well, when you can personally inspect the product in the store, but when you shop online, a genuine backpack will be check after payment and delivery. Better to trust only proven online stores. We, in turn, can recommend the shop Inspector Gadgets who sells only original products and works directly with the manufacturers or official distributors. Buy the backpack can be, <a href="" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">follow the link</a> for 9990 rubles – a gift from the shop you will receive a power Bank, which is so lacking in the kit. Analogues of this backpack today, no, but for your money you get actually two accessory protection and ground chips.</p><a href="" />Original Article</a>

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