AnTuTu: preferences of smartphone users in January-February 2018

AnTuTu Benchmark has published a new report about the preferences of smartphone users in terms of their characteristics. Statistics shows what the diagonal and resolution screens, memory and number of processor cores, and the version of the Android OS is the most popular.

Screen size

The most common diagonal among smartphone buyers in January-February of the current year are 5.5 inches (26,01%), which corresponds to the 16:9 format. Their popularity is falling, and replaced with 6-inch screens (9,75%) and non-standard diagonal type 5.99, 5.93, 5.8, 5.7 inch and others, which are grouped into a common share (31,22%).

Screen resolution

In comparison with last year's rating AnTuTu have been some changes. Downloads 1080 x 1920 resolution gradually decreases (51,52%), but is still high. A growing number of users who buy smartphones with a new resolution of 1080 x 2160 (10,01%).


Amounts of memory the expected change in a big way. A third of the market occupied by smartphones with 4 GB of RAM (33,66%), but increases the number of smartphones with 6 GB of RAM (18,12%). In the rest of the dynamics shows that 3 GB (23,27%) and 2 GB (16,72%) moved to the budget segment.


The drives are also increasing in volume and now smartphones with 64 GB shared memory are becoming the norm (of 37.10%), but 32 GB is not enough for the modern user (29,32%). Quite often mobile phones with 16 GB of ROM (17,01%) and a growing number of smartphones with 128GB of shared memory (10,01%).

CPU core

As for the chips, specifically popular number of cores, so for the past two years remains unchanged, only becoming more popular — 8 cores (66,25%). Budget chips on 4 cores is still substantial share of the market (27,44%). The rest are CPUs 6, 10 and less cores.

Version Of Android

In tests AnTuTu also recorded versions of operating systems. As can be seen from the chart is dominated by Android 7.0 (of 32.56%), followed by an update of the Android version 7.1.1 (of 19.03%) and a small proportion of Android 7.1.2 (6,59%). The number of smartphones with Android 8.0 Oreo is growing steadily (8,50%).


From the above it is clear that smartphones are becoming more powerful, and users want larger screens, higher resolutions, large amounts of memory and this trend is growing every year. Follow our publications, it is expected a fresh AnTuTu rating of the most powerful smartphones.

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