“Sakhalin and the Kuriles. Journey to the Edge of the world” with a lot of Autonym and Catherine Visaginas

Next Sunday, October 22, at 15.00 in the Gallery of Classic Photography will be a creative meeting with photographers and travelers, participants of eco-educational projects, a lot of Autonym and Catherine Visaginas.


The title and topic of the meeting is "Sakhalin and the Kuriles. Journey to the Edge of the world" – speak for themselves.


A little over a week ago ended large-scale journey, Cyril and Catherine Islands in the Sakhalin region. Almost three months the authors have made Hiking along the Central and southern Sakhalin and on Kunashir, Shikotan and Iturup, 65 days held in a tent on the beach, saw fifty of the bears and took a dozen volcanoes were with heavy rucksacks, 180 is not the lightest kilometers along the rivers and forests, drove 900 km by hitchhiking, there were 45 miles the alloy on the boat and 1200 km on the vehicle.


Cyril and Catherine was able to visit several protected areas, among which particularly struck the Kuril reserve and reserve Small Kuril Islands. There they breathed sulphur gases by solfataric fields, which pushed for the six-foot babusnica, and walked down the dark relict forests with poisonous vines and dozens of rare plant species, climbed the slopes of volcanoes with bubbling streams and made their way by night along the sea on the rocky clamps. Saw Japan at sunset and stayed on the edge of the world – after all, the so-called Cape on Shikotan, which was only a thousand kilometers of the Pacific ocean without a single piece of land.


Sakhalinskaya oblast is the only one located entirely on Islands. But each island is unique, because here tightly intertwined Ainu, Japanese and Russian culture, each volcano has its own character, and tropical plants coexist with Northern flora. Come out to meet with Cyril and Catherine and you to marvel at the beauty and diversity of wildlife on the South far Eastern Islands.

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