Pholio – Google Photos in the local store

Pholio is a new device that combined the functionality of Google Photos from your hard drive. External file storage provides a convenient interface for finding images by keywords. The difference is that Pholio keeps your data safe and the search is performed offline and does not rely on cloud services.

After connecting to the device, Pholio will be able to automatically search and backup all your photos and videos. You can store the data either in high resolution as a copy of the reduced or optimized version, about 3-4 MB for photos or 720p video. If you choose optimized version, Pholio will be able to give you a link to find the original file in a higher resolution.


Pholio has a capacity of 500 GB, but for those looking for more memory, there is a version Pholio Pro with capacity of 2 TB. Any device that can use an external hard drive, whether Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone can work with Pholio.

Pholio has a database of 20,000 words to describe the contents of images that helps you to quickly find the files you need, but you can also tag photos of new key words independently to Pholio can continue to learn.


The system also has a fast and accurate face detection that allows you to collect a photo album of a specific person. Pholio even allows you to search inside the video.

The next update will be added to backup and encryption.

Pholio believes that maintaining local control images required by users. The device saves the image, leaving them in your own hands and not rely on someone passing the files to third parties in the form of third-party companies.

Pholio is available for $260 on Kickstarter. If the campaign reaches its goal of $125000, deliveries will begin in January 2018.

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