Opal – slider presets in Lightroom

Have you ever wanted to regulate the strength of effect preset in Lightroom? Opal – a new plugin that allows you to do this. It allows you to reduce the intensity of the impact of any preset Lightroom in seconds.

The plugin was created by photographer and designer Nathan Johnson. He says his clients often requested to implement this opportunity.

Adjustment presets in Lightroom manually is complex and time-consuming, because Lightroom presets can contain many different regulations.

In order to solve this problem, Johnson has created Opal. The name consists of two words: "opacity" (opacity) and "Lightroom".

After installing the plugin, simply open the panel Opal to see only the slider.

Moving the slider adjusts all the settings preset at the same time, allowing you to accurately adjust the intensity of the impact.

Opal works with any modern version of Lightroom on Windows and Mac and with any preset.

The plugin also has an advanced mode that allows you to independently adjust the tone, color hue, color palette and detail presets.

Opal can be purchased for $15.

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