Motorized slider Rhino ROV

Rhino introduced the Kickstarter campaign to Fund the release of a new slider ROV. This motorized device for smartphones and various types of cameras.


The slider can be mounted on a tripod, and on your own feet. It is compact and can be Packed easily in a backpack while traveling.


On the mount for smartphone features a cold Shoe, so you can easily attach accessories like a microphone.


There is another version of the slider ROV Pro, which also has a professional head for mounting cameras. This setup will allow the use of SLR for shooting timelapses.

Motors of Coreless DC technology used in the medical and aerospace industries. They provide fast and quiet movement, while using very little energy.

The slider can work with the app Storyteller, which allows you to change the direction of movement, speed and other parameters.


Rhino hopes to raise $50,000 to make this slider is a real product for everyone.

ROV is available for $230 on Kickstarter, and ROV Pro will go to those who did not spare $300. If the project is successfully funded, you will be able to get the slider in April 2018.

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