Lite Instagram for Android was 55 times less

Instagram without loud announcements, has launched a new app called Instagram Lite for Android on Google Play App Store. This is a small app which provides the same basic functionality as the full version, but saves space in the phone memory.

The app has size 573 kilobytes, which is about 1/55 of size 32 MB full version.

"App Instagram Lite is small, which allows to save some space on your phone and quickly launch it," writes Instagram in the app description. The representative of the Instagram reports that the app uses less data and runs faster.

Instagram Lite contains most of the basic functions of Instagram, including posting photos, editing photos with filters, history with the addition of text, watching the stories of others. At the moment, the app lacks the possibility of exchange messages with friends and there is no way to publish the video, but Instagram says that these features will appear in the near future.

Instagram recently crossed the threshold of 1 billion users. For further growth of the company Facebook, which owns Instagram, is planning to spread to developing countries where people use old phones with less memory and low connection speed to the Internet.

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