How to bring Lightroom 6 and get the latest update

If you use Lightroom 6 and not going to switch the software by subscription, here's a warning: do not run the Updater Lightroom with default settings. This will delete 6 and Lightroom install Lightroom CC.

Many complain of this problem. After automatic updates a new Lightroom offer 7 day trial.

Adobe responded to this issue: "We understand that forcibly transferred clients to work on a subscription with a trial version of new Lightroom CC Classic, replacing the already installed version Lightroom 6," writes Adobe. "We apologize for not providing the best user experience for our customers to try out Lightroom CC Classic, while still on the computer Lightroom 6. It was a mistake on our side."

The good news is that you can get Lightroom 6 back and make this "update" will not happen again. The problem is that the option "Remove old versions" in the "advanced options" checked by default.

If you have installed Lightroom 6 and replaced with Lightroom CC, that's what you need to do to get back the sixth version:

First, remove Classic Lightroom CC from your computer and then load setup Lightroom 6 and install it on your computer.

Then, when you receive a notification that there are updates to Lightroom CC Classic you need to click "Advanced Options" and uncheck the box "Remove old version" before updating.

Adobe promised to release a new version of the program update to deactivate by default the option "Remove old versions".

"As a result, you can try Lightroom CC Classic during the trial period and continue to work in Lightroom 6," says Adobe.

Adobe released the latest update to Lightroom 6 to the end of the year

Recently Adobe has released an update to camera profiles for Lightroom 6. Also in light of recent events, Adobe has also answered the burning question of whether to continue the existence of the perpetual license.

It seems that the answer is Yes, but the latest update Lighroom 6 will be released by the end of this year.

If you have to use the camera profiles which will not be supported in Lightroom 6, you can use the DNG Converterbefore importing the image to Lightroom 6.

After Lightroom 6 will get the latest update, Adobe will stop its support. If you intend to continue to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you must either subscribe to the cloud version of CC, or deal with the Converter as described above.

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