Camera from potatoes

Production Studio Corridor Crew submitted a new draft, which was made camera from potatoes.

Finding that the potatoes are not too good for eliminating light leaks, the contractor of the project, Nico decided to print a module for placing the film on a 3D printer.

After Nico gathered the camera, he needed to know how long should be the exposure frame. For that, he closed the aperture of the lens on your SLR camera to F/11 and set the ISO to 100. So he learned the duration of exposure.

After that, the camera was placed on the film. Its installation needs to be performed in a dark room, not to light.

Pictures turned out very poor quality. They can see only ghostly figures of people, but Nico wasn't upset. That's exactly what he expected. He knew that the camera would work and what work it will be bad.

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