Air Steadicam — monopod with the “gas pedal”

Tiffen, Steadicam parent company, announced the release of the Steadicam Air. This "revolutionary" pneumatic monopod for photographers, which provides height adjustment by foot switch.

Monopod is made of carbon fiber. It has a rubberized foot, which provides work without slippage. When you want to adjust the height, instead of having to deal with many castles telescopic design simply press on the pedal and allow the Pneumatics to push the camera up.

There are two configurations of Air Steadicam: one with a maximum load of 6.8 kg, and the second 11kg. The monopod weighs only 1.6 kg.

The monopod consists of three sections and one twist-lock that allows you to easily spin 360 degrees.

Steadicam Air is available at a price of $499 for a version that can carry a load of 11kg, and $399 for an ordinary model with a load of 6.8 kg.

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