What has changed in iOS 12 for iPad

iOS 12 will be the expected release is not only for iPhone but for iPad users. In addition to improvements in performance and bug fixes, the updated operating system also received a number of new gestures for iPad.

New control logic will be almost identical to that now used in the iPhone X. Indirectly, this may indicate that Apple plans to abandon the "Home" button in the new iPad models. Let us examine in more detail what exactly has changed.

How to get back to the desktop?

In iOS 11 return to the desktop was carried out in two ways: using the physical "Home" button, and a gesture of simultaneous information 4 fingers.

All of these options are still relevant. In iOS 12 they added another method – now you can quickly pull the application from below and bring to the middle for folding.

How to access control?

There is a small change. To open the "Control Point", it is necessary to wipe from upper right corner down, where is the battery indicator. Note that this section is no longer aligned with the regime of multi-tasking.

How to access the Dock?

The gesture is almost the same as in iOS 11. Necessary to slightly pull away from the edge of the screen from the bottom and hold.

How to access multitasking?

For this you need to pull the app before the middle of the screen and hold your finger until a window appears with the newly running applications.

How to open notification center?

To make it as easy as before. Looked like down from the top left corner.

How to go into the "Trackpad"

In the previous iteration of the mobile operating system of Apple for these purposes were used gesture using two fingers. IOS 12 for activation of this mode is made even simpler. You only need to hold the spacebar on the keyboard.

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