True Tone on the new MacBook Pro works with external monitors

True Tone on the new MacBook Pro works with external monitors Artem Barlow | today at 21:40 Loading To bookmarks True Tone на новых MacBook Pro работает с внешними мониторами

Yesterday Apple showed the new MacBook Pro with the advanced display technology is True Tone. Until today we all thought that this technology is used exclusively in technology companies.

As it is not so. True Tone can be enabled and third-party monitors. However, not all.

As it turned out, the function can be activated on external monitors Thunderbolt Display, LG LG UltraFine UltraFine 5K and 4K.

The switch is located under System settings —> Displays —> Display. And just turn on the switch True Tone.

Other displays function to work, alas, will not.

Probably kupertinovtsy decided to share their work with LG Display, in fact, they are already not the first year develop monitors for Macs.

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