Steve Wozniak praised Apple for respecting his privacy

The rapid development of high technologies almost deprived us of the right to privacy, says Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer. Whatever we do, it is hidden from the eyes of the major corporations, which day by day control our every step. As well Who says that Apple does not do this.

"I really believe that technology is literally taken away from us privacy — said Steve Wozniak at the business summit the Economic Times. — I'm tired of Google and Amazon always know where I am and where I'm going, keep accumulating this information on their servers. Fortunately, Apple does not do this".

The words of Wozniak, however sincere they may be, are at odds with the testimony of employees of the FBI and the existing law enforcement practice. Just last year Apple without unnecessary wrangling has provided US intelligence with invaluable assistance in hacking iPhone Texas arrow and capture a dangerous hacker, tracing his progress through iCloud.

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