Some accessories for the HomePod as a major surprise

Recently some users found that the rubber rim on the bottom of the HomePod can leave on wooden surfaces coated with oil or wax, distinct traces of their presence. Apple has already pronounced that there is nothing unusual, however, the accessory manufacturers have time to hurry up and release sometimes strange stand for HomePod.

So, the American manufacturer Pad & Quill almost $ 20 offers... the usual leather stand for the dimensions of the lower part of the HomePod. "But stitched!".

Other company — Meres, sells aluminum stand with additional fixing, which in addition can be fixed to the wall. This solution looks much more interesting at a price of $ 40: at least it is clear that asking such a sum.

Capra Leather generally dispersed and presented leather case for HomePod, which fastens with a zipper, whereby the column can be transported (with a weight of 2.5 kg is not very convenient).

Of course, the appearance of the accessories for the HomePod can not be called a surprise, but a bit strange that it happened immediately after the discovery of traces of a column on wooden surfaces. Maybe it's all a secret advertising campaign.

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