How to speed up the work in macOS? Create your own keyboard shortcuts

For anybody not a secret that keyboard shortcuts make it much faster and more efficiently interact with applications on macOS. Mostly we use only those hotkeys that have provided the developer of an app.

But how about create your own keyboard shortcuts? macOS allows you to do standard methods. In this article we will examine this process.

Why this is useful?

Surely you've encountered a situation where the necessary features are hidden so far away that even for a trivial access to them takes time. This problem can now be easily solved with such a simple function as shortcuts.

So, let's begin. For example, we work in Safari and we need to save the page, for this we use the function "export to PDF".

As you can see, the shortcut for this command there, so create it:

  1. Go to Settings -> Keyboard -> shortcuts. In the resulting window, select shortcuts and click on the "+".
  2. In this window, choose the program you need, to write down the exact name of the command and specify a key combination. You must correctly specify the name of the function, until each character, otherwise the shortcut won't work.
  3. Click "Add". You're done! Near our function has a new shortcut.

If the desired option is in the submenu, then this is sufficient to indicate its full address in the title. For example, assign a combination to share the link in Twitter.

This is done in the same way, the title referred to all menus and submenus, using the symbol -> and no spaces in File->Share->Twitter. To remove the specified shortcut key, click on the "–" (minus).

Similarly, you can assign your hotkeys in any app. Moreover, you can reassign existing shortcuts if you for some reason do not fit.

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