Do not use free VPN. Found one safe

Do not use free VPN. Found one safe Artem Barlow | today at 18:40 Loading To bookmarks Не пользуйтесь бесплатными VPN. Нашел один безопасный

Now the situation with Telegram especially, because Roskomnadzor began the process of locking the messenger in Russia.

Lock Telegram will take place this Monday. The time to prepare.

We have already talked about the methods of lock bypass, but we should stop all the same on the VPN. Why?

proxy unstable
proxies are slow
— proxies can stop working at any time

That is why many users choose a VPN server. They are much more reliable, more stable and do not retain data about you.

Normal VPN hard to find

Now there is a huge number of services that change your IP address in the Network. And to pick out one thing quite difficult.

For free you can use VPN-no more than 30 minutes or an hour. It is very inconvenient.

As for me, the best times to use reliable and high quality service than to wander from one free to another.

Today is a good VPN service should have:

1. A high speed connection.

2. Unlimited traffic.

3. Support for multiple platforms — from iOS to Windows.

4. Reasonable prices.

Why don't need to be kept for free VPN

Today on every corner began to advise a variety of VPN services, but be careful. It can be dangerous.

Free VPN services exist only because they earn for you personally. You give them all traffic, and they collect everything you do on the Internet, sometimes including your passwords and logins. Then sell best to advertisers. And never admit where it goes your personal information.

Not only information about requests on the Internet, but all logins, passwords and other valuable data.

Even free VPN from Opera was the leak to advertisers. At the time everybody talked about it.

Recommend this VPN. Use 9 years!

I'm all hands and legs for this service. He is 11 years old. 9 of those years I used it almost non-stop.

HideMy.Name – IMHO, the best of popular VPN services. The speed is consistently high, there is no delay, the prices are very budget, the list of countries is large.

And more importantly, in it there is nothing superfluous. In mobile version and desktop.

Here is the app for iPhone:

And here for Mac:

That is, you displayed your location and the country of the IP address which you see on the Internet. And the address after a connection, of course.

You can always change the location to another, depending on speed. With an asterisk it is possible to note the most convenient point.

No excess information, all on one screen. Isn't it wonderful?

Plus, you can hire a private IP address.

This IP address will be used only by you, which excludes the probability of finding blacklisted anywhere else, as well as provide additional security in applications and services, where you can restrict login only from specific IP addresses.

The service has existed for over 11 years and they are used by millions of users in different parts of the world.

And Yes, you can test the efficiency of the VPN right now, during the day. And then decide whether you need such a VPN or not. It is not an indicator of quality?

In short, do it right now

Telegram block in the coming hours. Roskomnadzor will not wait, and you will lose access messenger very soon.

You don't want? Then download HideMy.Name now and forget the headache. Once set, included and forgot.

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