As Apple applies to mining on Mac?

Apple was forced to remove from the Mac App Store app Calendar 2, mining cryptocurrency Monero, because of its low energy efficiency. On this edition of 9To5Mac said Gregory Magarshak, CEO of Qbix Studio, is the developer of calendar-miner. However, he says, during those three days, that the function of cryptodevice was available, it was nlineno coins worth more than $ 2,000.

Adding a Calendar 2 the mining function, Qbix has violated article 2.4.2 of the rules of application creation, explains Magarshak to 9To5Mac. In accordance with it all, published in the App Store and Mac App Store must conform to energy efficiency standards, without becoming a cause of excessive CPU usage and a premature discharge of the device battery.

From this it follows that, whether the developers Qbix more attentive, their initiative could be the beginning of a new way of monetization. In fact Apple claims restricted to the overconsumption of energy and increased load on the processing power of computers, without affecting the fact of cryptocurrency mining. Maybe some developer have the courage to repeat the experiment Qbix, and then we know exactly about the attitude of Apple to the mining.

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