ARKit will make your nightmares a reality

If you ever watched the movie "up", you should be familiar which became paradigmatic scene of the appearance of the main antagonist right from the TV screen. Perhaps, the sophisticated horror films, this scene is unlikely to cause the slightest trepidation, but what if I tell you that it can be embodied in reality?

Developer Abhishek Singh, resorting to the help ARKit, was able to "revive" the main character "Call", forcing her to get out of the TV screen, just like in the original movie. Samara in the incarnation of Singh is able not only to be found in the room, but also chase you around the house, the main thing — not to interrupt the session augmented reality.

I scene reenacted a famous scene from ‘The Ring’ to bring the#horror movies to life in AR#madewithunity #ARKit

— Abhishek Singh (@shekitup) 21 Feb 2018

Developer experience proves that ARKit can be used not only as a virtual level when placed on the wall paintings or visual route, which is certainly extremely convenient. The idea proposed by Singh, could form the basis of entire attractions and interactive movies and cartoons, giving rise to the development of a completely new for all of us industry.

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