Are Apple sales HomePod?

Sale HomePod has not met the expectations of Apple. About Barclays analysts learned from the company's suppliers. Despite the lack of accurate data on the number of columns, the sources of Barclays in the industry note that as of March 2018, the result is very far from perfect.

Low sales HomePod probably linked to the misperceptions of consumers about the purpose of the product. For many HomePod is the first "smart" device. The negative reviewers of the limitations of Siri in considerable degree has contributed to the decline interest in the product.

At the same time, because of its compactness HomePod hardly perceived as a really cool musical device. Consumers who judges the quality of the sound emitted by the "smart" Apple column, only on related, there are doubts about its ability to "pump" the housing party.

Anyway, but releasing the HomePod to the market, Apple has done a really great job. The device is equipped with an advanced set of speakers and sensors, real-time track the position of the column in space and configures the sound to move in an unfavorable place.

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