Apple Watch: to pay for repairs or buy a new one?

At the end of last year Apple Watch become the most popular smart clock experts from IDC said that the device occupies more than half of the world market, leaving the closest competition far behind. Even all of the Swiss manufacturers combined can't bypass them by popularity. The reliability of the Apple Watch also does not hold, because Series 2 and Series 3 have almost no weaknesses. But in some cases to visit the service center still have.

Service professionals ModMac shared with us the strengths of smart watches from Apple, as well as the challenges that may face the owners of Apple Watch. So, in the case of Series 2 and Series 3 does not require battery replacement, even the loops and other elements are not damaged and do not wear out during operation. The watch case is also different strength — the maximum you can inflict minimal chips or scratches. For more serious damage you should try.

So the only problem to the service center regularly turn users – broken display Apple Watch. No matter what type of glass installed in hours (conventional Ion-X or sapphire): when you fall or watch the same fight. What to do in this case is to buy a new watch or try to repair?

At the moment on the market parts are copies of displays, so 70-90% of the service centers do not provide service to replace the broken display of the Apple Watch. Original parts can only be obtained by analysis of the new hours, because of this, the cost of repair is quite high — 15 990 rubles. This price includes the cost of the parts, and the wizard.

At the same time, the price of repair is significantly lower than buying new Apple Watch 2 Series (especially Series 3 which cost about 30 thousand rubles), so watch repair really appropriate. But what if at a lower price, you get a brand new Apple Watch to replace your broken display?

Attention! Service center ModMac with the support starts the action: until 1 April 2018, just 13 990 rubles, you will receive brand new Apple Watch replace your broken display. When you apply, you only need to say what you!

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