About “the Apple”. 1985-1986

In the last time Steve jobs left Apple (then Apple Computer) in 1985. It seemed, forever. For Steve it was a fiasco, the collapse of plans almost death. Or even worse than death.

Detachment did not notice the loss fighter

Users of Macs felt sad, but not for long. The company suddenly turned into a machine for the realization of their desires. Few people knew then, who is this guy, very bright and beautiful talking about the most intuitive in the world of the computer with a user interface...

Were the fans who were outraged and indignant, but nobody has ever taken seriously. Alas.

And Apple Computer care of Steve little who upset. “The company lost soul” – words of renegades who were in the minority. The rest of the staff sighed with relief. Demanding, impatient, easily flowing into a deadly rage, not taking any excuses, simply lay off for any little thing. Imagine yourself in their place what is going to work, without knowing, if you'll come home early and the unemployed.

John sculley and the Board of Directors troublemaker with crazy and weird ideas for a long time and bored to death. Jobs is not considered necessary to take into account the reality and potential of the company. In 1985, jobs is not actually played in the company no serious role. He headed the Department. His position is absolutely untenable, and that he attempted “coup”... And lost.

If the coup succeeded, the history of Apple Computer is likely ingloriously ended the year in 1987-88. And the world would be a completely different, worse and more boring.

Jobs became depressed, it was, according to him, the most difficult period in his life. And cruel, but absolutely necessary and useful lesson. Here's how to go to the stars.

The Legacy Of Steve

Apple Computer and rushed to catch up. Projects, the completion of which struggling slowed and sabotaged Steve actually managed a division of 32-bit computers. Sabotage was in opposition to any compromises. Steve thought that we should produce Something killer and fantastic.

This was Something to work with and was called BigMac. By the time of the expulsion of the jobs according to the jobs, until the completion of the project remained two years or more – but nobody believed.

Modular design, color monitor, good commercial UNIX on the inside, which license was purchased for big money, with graphical user interface “better than on a Mac”, with an incredible at the time TTC... If this Mac came on the market in the 1987-88 year, he really would have a chance of success. Or has not been. The fact of the matter is that nobody, not even Steve jobs could not guarantee the timing of the successful completion of the project.

In the process of developing a BigMac continuously had problems of different scale, in many ways, this monster was the first of its kind, to replace the eliminated problems quickly, and given the reluctance of Steve to accept even minor flaws, even the successful completion of the project was questionable.

The project was successfully completed. In 1988. It was a NeXT Computer, with the operating system NeXTstep 0.9 (Mach Kernel, the BSD Clone, nexthouse GUI).

NeXTstep is the ancestor of the modern Apple operating systems. If you have an iPhone in your pocket, you carry a piece of NeXTstep...

Machine for the fulfillment of desires of users

Abandoned as it was “not something”, a project that continues the “classic” lineup of Macs was brought to mind, and very soon (16 Jan 1986) came to the market. It was a Macintosh Plus. It was one of the most successful Macs in those years.

It came with pre-installed megabytes of RAM (when William gates the Third, the head of Microsoft, said that henceforth and for ever and ever memory 640 K will be enough for any personal computer), memory Plus'and can be increased to 4 megabytes.

On the box, which was supplied Macintosh Plus, large and clearly visible letters and figures, almost larger than the machine name, it says “1M”RAM.

In addition, the Macintosh Plus was equipped with a SCSI bus for connecting peripherals (disks, Apple Computer at 20 and 40 megabytes of tape drives for backup, etc.). The bus was unusual, because the design of the SCSI is not over yet, it was a beta version (for the client's money). Of course, jambs and glitches in it was like a box of cocaine, but it worked! And how she brought joy then, when was approved by the SCSI and there were third party peripherals... nedos not worked in any way. But that is for later.

The project BigMac after rethinking and small improvements became the Macintosh II, which came out in 1987.

Cycle time

For the first time thought about the similarity of Apple 201х years at Apple Computer in the first years after the expulsion of the jobs came to me, when the iPhone and iPad instead of one standard for all size suddenly became different... Seized upon as well to do what was previously impossible!

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