A proxy or VPN: which is better to use Telegram

A proxy or VPN: which is better to use Telegram Artem Barlow | today at 21:00 Loading To bookmarks Прокси или VPN: что лучше использовать для Telegram

Today Roskomnadzor has started the process of blocking the Telegram in Russia. In this regard, the question arises, what is better: VPN or proxy?

To begin to understand what is what.

What is a proxy?

Proxy server is an intermediate server (a set of programs) that performs the role of mediator between the user and the target server. In other words, it is the link between two points.

In some cases, proxies have their own cache certain resources. Therefore, these servers or connect to the specified server and get the resource from it or return the resource from the cache.

Thanks to the proxy user can be anonymously online, but the data channel may not be encrypted.*

*encryption is not available on both HTTP and SOCKS

The proxy technology works on a more applied level.


1. The most common protocols are SOCKS proxies and HTTP/HTTPS. SOCKS and HTTP do not provide encryption.

2. Many proxies pass the original IP address of the user to the target site. Accordingly, neither of which konfidentsialnosti in the Network can be no question.

3. Proxies are configured separately for each application and are not a universal solution. This is both a plus and a minus. In the case of Telegram that is enough.

What is a VPN?

VPN is addressed the name of the technology private network over another network. Within this network creates a special encrypted data transmission channels.

In fact, it is a specialized entry point of the user in the network. It is transmitted via encrypted traffic.


1. Many VPN services keep data logs or data exchange.

2. VPN services load the Network by 20%, which can lead to "sagging" in the actual services.

3. When you use the IPSec set of protocols, a large amount of additional information added to the source package. Therefore requires additional compression IPComp.

This may change the performance of the service. It may increase or decrease. Stable speed may not be at all.

So which is better to use Telegram?

In the case of Telegram, the situation turns out ambiguous. To bypass lock fits both methods.

But if you are worried about the safety and integrity of data and want them transferred in encrypted form, it is better to use a VPN.

If you just want to bypass the lock and continue to communicate with friends and family in a Telegram, you will be enough to use the built-in proxy.

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