6.5-inch X iPhone can receive support for two SIM

6.5-inch X iPhone can receive support for two SIM Artem Barlow | today at 21:33 Loading To bookmarks В 6,5-дюймовом iPhone X может появиться поддержка двух SIM

Informants have repeatedly reported that this year Apple will reveal two iPhone one OLED and LCD iPhone. Now there is information on a 6.5-inch version.

According to Bloomberg, this model will be equipped with a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels. And also this could be the first Apple smartphone that supports two SIM cards. However, that last source is still not sure.

The company has not made a final decision on the inclusion of this feature. Everything can change in favor of E-SIM, which will connect smartphones to multiple networks without the need to use removable chips.

Some operators do not yet support this technology. And the introduction of two "simok" can significantly alleviate the situation. [Macrumors]

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