20 useful products that are better bought on AliExpress

20 useful products that are better bought on AliExpress Artem Surovtsev | today at 21:40 Loading To bookmarks 20 полезных товаров, которые лучше купить на AliExpress

Some of the things that we use every day, cheaper to book in China than to buy in the shop. The more choice, the prices are pleasant and cashback is.

Here is another collection for evening shopping.

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How to get the most from this collection?

First, we recommend you to always find the real prices. Using extensions for your browser you can easily check the dynamics of prices on a specific product and to protect themselves thus the "fake" discounts.

Second, to get cashback with each item from the list below. For example, bought stuff from AliExpress – returned part of the money on the card or mobile account.

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1. Set of lenses for iPhone

Clothespin and five lenses for getting cool shots on camera phones.

Price: 555 RUB, buy with cashback

2. Handsfree kit

Will help you to answer phone calls while driving.

Price: 704 RUB, buy with cashback

3. Compact humidifier

Establish a climate in the workplace.

Price: RUB 514, buy with cashback

4. Condenser microphone

Useful for recording podcasts or audio clips.

Price: from 874 RUB, buy with cashback

5. Fountain pen

Great tool for signing documents.

Price: 347 RUB, buy with cashback

6. Form for ice

Large selection of unusual shapes for ice.

Price: from 116 rubles, buy with cashback

7. Shoe covers

Useful in rainy weather.

Price: 642 RUB, buy with cashback

8. Air ionizer

A small device is able to saturate the air with ions.

Price: 916 RUB, buy with cashback

9. Bag for gadgets

A convenient bag for carrying the necessary electronics.

Price: 550 RUB., buy with cashback

10. LEGO mug

Original gift for lovers of designer.

Price: 469 rubles, buy with cashback

11. A set of socks

They are never enough.

Price: 513 rubles, buy with cashback

12. Wireless headphones

Compact earphones with different color options.

Price: from 524 rubles, buy with cashback

13. Night light

Stylish lamp for bedroom or living room.

Price: from 604 RUB, buy with cashback

14. Gaming mouse

Manipulator with adjustable DPI and weights system.

Price: RUB 771, buy with cashback

15. Designer watches

A kit for self-Assembly of electronic watches.

Price: 570 RUB., buy with cashback

16. The wire stripper

A small tool for Stripping wires.

Price: RUB 27, buy with cashback

17. A trap for insects

Will repel gnats and mosquitoes during a picnic in the backyard.

Price: 133 RUB, buy with cashback

18. Original thermos

Beautiful thermos assorted colors, 300 ml.

Price: RUB 964, buy with cashback

19. Posters with superheroes

Large selection of original posters of different sizes.

Price: from 229 rubles, buy with cashback

20. Electron microscope

Connected via USB, allows you to take pictures with high magnification.

Price: 1 286 rubles, buy with cashback

Good shopping!

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