11 AKVIS Coloriage — coloring black and white photos and replacing colors

Company AKVIS has introduced a new version of AKVIS Coloriage, a program to colorize black and white photos and replacing colors on color images. Version 11 offers a new category in the color Library, the history Brush tool, some UI improvements, and other changes.

The program is easy to use and requires no special skills. You just need to assign a color to each object. The program automatically recognizes the object's border and naturally applies the selected color. The tool is well suited for the treatment of portraits, landscapes, household, street and architectural scenes, production photos.

     <figure><figcaption>The original image</figcaption></figure> <figure><img src="http://www.allgadgets.xyz/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-11_135439.jpg" alt="Обработка в Coloriage" /><figcaption>Processing in Coloriage</figcaption></figure> <figure><img src="http://www.allgadgets.xyz/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-11_135729.jpg" alt="Результат раскрашивания фотографии" /><figcaption>The result of coloring pictures</figcaption></figure> <p>New in AKVIS Coloriage 11:</p>           <ul> <li>In the color Library added a new favorites group where you can store commonly used colors. Samples in all groups sorted by brightness. The new procedure facilitates the comparison and selection of shades.</li> <li>New Brush allows you to partially or fully recover the selected image area to its original state, which is especially useful in selective coloring or bleaching.</li> <li>The update includes support for RAW files and PSD program for the standalone version fully compatible with Photoshop CC 2018 for the plugin, the translation of the interface into Chinese language and other changes.</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://akvis.com/ru/coloriage/download-add-color.php" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>Download AKVIS Coloriage 11</strong></a> and try the new version during the free trial period.</p> <p>The program AKVIS Coloriage is presented as a standalone application and as a plugin for AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors.</p><a href="http://www.fotokomok.ru/akvis-coloriage-11-raskrashivanie-cherno-belyx-fotografij-i-zamena-cveta/" />Original Article</a>

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