Zeroedge offers zero Commission on betting in eSports

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Betting in eSports, whose popularity has grown in recent years, is now one of the most common form of network gambling, and in 2018 we will surely see an explosion of interest in sports betting online.

ESports betting in triptocaine

While real-life examples of sports betting network on the basis of developing or long-established online triptocaine very few, to put it mildly.

In fact, they are absent, with one exception. We are talking about cryptocurrency online casino Zeroedge offers its own cryptocurrency (ZeroCoin) and the unique capabilities of cyber betting. Moreover, Zeroedge offers an unprecedented 0% for all your games!

So what is Zeroedge?

In fact, Zeroedge – the world's first online casino, which is distinguished by two unique characteristics. First, Zeroedge uses only its own unique cryptocurrency ZeroCoin.

Secondly, and most importantly, Zeroedge, as the name suggests the casino, offers the possibility of zero income of the organizer. This Zeroedge is different from traditional online casinos, where the organizer receives the income at the expense of the player – in some games it reaches as much as 10%, others – 1% or more.

The old adage, "the house always wins" that are relevant in relation to traditional online casinos, as they all work in their favor. This means that the payoff for a player is impossible (at least, his luck would be short). However Zeroedge makes a profit not losing players but the rising cost of ZeroCoin.

How does the revolutionary model Zero Edge? offers the possibility of playing with a 0% income of the organizer. This possibility increases the demand for Zerocoin, thereby increasing the value of the cryptocurrency. Thus, have solved the fundamental problem of all casinos, creating a platform on which you can play for "free".

The players do not need to pay a fixed amount for the opportunity to play in the casino. Such a system is feasible only through the establishment of recycling economy with its own token, which players purchase with Fiat or crypto money. Because the ZERO inventory is limited, the value of the token is directly proportional to the demand.

The technology of the blockchain and smart contract allows you to create fully transparent and completely fair gaming environment in which players have the best opportunity to participate in the game, able to fully trust the platform and have a real chance to win. At the same time, they are part of a larger community, to promote social integration and creation of mutual values.

Zero Edge is its own unique bitcoin Zerocoin. This coin will allow players to participate in games online casino Zero Edge with 0% of the income of the organizer. The cost of Zerocoin will rapidly increase in proportion to the number of new participants in the Zero Edge games.

You have a great opportunity to learn about pre-ICO, scheduled to start on 28 February 2018, with completion on March 15, 2018. During the pre-ICO Zerocoin Zero Edge does not provide a soft cap, whereas hardcap set at 1500 ETH.

Material published on a commercial basis and is not a recommendation to invest, press release provided by the customer. Revision is not related to the project, not involved in the initial sale of tokens and is not responsible for your trading or investment decisions. Any trade with scriptactive are increased risks due to the nature of the market, examine the project before making the investment.

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